About the suit

Suit history begins at English court and, over time, gain many shapes, textures and contexts.
1600 – costume consisted of a long coat , tie , pants and hat knee , the court imposed the English King Charles II of England , after the example of King Louis XIV and the Court of Versailles.

1800 – Appeared suit modern male , a simplified version of the costume imposed by King Charles II , who was worn with a morning coat with front slit . Meanwhile, one of the dandies of the British royal court , Beau Brummell , given a new trend in fashion clothing : men must wear well cut and matching tie .

1920 – costume begins to be more worn masculine clothing making progress in this respect , and men begin to take into account the combination of the jacket with pants suit. Meanwhile, frock coat , called , in fact, the ” Prince Albert coat ” is worn only British Conservatives. Fred Astaire lead this trend until 1940 .

1960 – The period also known as the Peacock Revolution , when spending a lot of changes in male clothes : lapel size is significantly reduced , jackets have a straight cut without marked waist . All this time, designer Ralph Lauren presents an elegant style of the costumes , they are trying to sell Americans.

1970 . The period of the 1970s disco brought to the fore body fashionable costumes and scenery vest recur , and 10 years later it becomes loose coat and vest disappears.

Why should I wear a suit?

A legitimate question is not it? There are so many reasons to wear a suit, and even if you do not read the article in full if you stand alone and you think about it, you will definitely find many reasons to start wearing suits.

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Reasons should wear suits more often are more and should give more importance costume in your closet. Many believe that is only for wearing on special occasions, but tunic can be your “piece de resistance” in everyday life. It really are jobs where it is compulsory to wear a suit when working with the public, in administration, in a bank , in market sales these are situations where your uniform from work is the suit. But if you have a job where you do not have to wear a suit does not mean you should neglect this piece of clothing.

First, if you wear a suit you are more elegant. Yes, what you mean you like the appearance will be in everyone’s eyes more elegant. Elegance not only help us in business or at work, or perhaps in a formal situation but must represent a state of affairs for us.

You need to know one thing – suit is adored by women, if you have not heard this before, not very well. But it’s better late than never. In general, women see men dressed in suit ideal partners: beautiful, generous, style and care.

Tunic gives the impression that you’re rich
– And sometimes the thing that can help, no matter how weird and you can seem petty. Two centuries ago, when it was invented, the suit is against the upper class, the bourgeoisie. Even today, a man wearing suit is considered superior, precisely because it is an elegant and stylish piece of clothing.

A costume suggests that you are perfect in what you do…Yes, and this is very important, no matter that you are a salesman, a board director, a young student or just in love with a girl…

Suit make you more masculine, a man wearing costume highlight their stature and posture. The back is straight, your legs seem longer and the trunk is harmoniously sculpted.

A suit is important to you in any circumstance. It is an outdated concept among people according to which only elegant dress for work or business interest. All wrong.

You can dress up, office, and in other circumstances, less formal. I know people who do, and they are extremely elegant and chic. In fact, the way you dress defines who you are.

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It is said that when two people meet, they are accepted or not in the first 30 sec. Studies show that over 50% of clothing cause rejection.

Another aspect very important is to dress accordingly , and also to look perfect, in this respect try to remember 3 issues:

Choose the right accessories for the occasion – yes , it is true , an accessory can make you perfect but also can ruin your image, so try to be decent

– Never leave from home without your suit pressed or steamed – so in the same way your shoes shine the same your suit should be impeccably

– Respect your body typealways wear the right suit for you , otherwise you will be ridiculous.

Like it or not, accept or not we are all judged by appearances. And in this respect, an important place how you dress. When you dress in costume you tend to sit more upright, it looks much confidence, so you’ll cause a positive reaction from those with whom we interact.
In fact, these issues can affect us or not, depends on the individual, my opinion is that we should in fact stylish and trendy dress for us first and then for the reasons above.

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