A coat is a very important piece from a man wardrobe. That’s clear, but maybe you could honestly ask yourself …why? Well because it can be associate with a business suit , or with a smart casual outfit.This season is still in contention , but definitely coat is still in high regard.

Basically, if you like to follow the trends, male fashion for fall – winter 2012-2013 promotes elegant outfits where leather and velvet leather are highly present.
Also, another important characteristic which is good to follow is variety. When you say variety , then you will surely have a lot more options if you prefer casual style.

Trends are not only for black color , which , true is very comfortable and can be associate to many colors , but also other colors are in trend , grey, mustard , dark brown.

Surprisingly, or not, even short coat , a little more bent to casual clothing , anyhow it is very good to know that are very fashionable. Louis Vuitton urges men to remain stylish even when is cold. So there is clear why short coat remains very very fashionable.

As i said above a coat is quite good for you due to his universality if we take into consideration all his characteristic and also just take a look to this year fashion trends and this also could be a very nice pro point.

A men wearing coat is irresistible. The classic model is one that suits every kind of man and giving everyone the chance to become a magnet for women.

Identify how you dress, but I said it and I repeat it is important to do it with elegance and style (preferably your own authentic style and good taste). Do not forget an important point, namely that cold weather should not make you sloppy, the system that we are wearing thick cold can take anything on me, in any case, is a good time to be stylish, to be in trend, as in every season, in fact style class that we do not keep the season.

Realize how much you can benefit such a garment, how much is your image (which we are sure that you know a lot, otherwise you are on this site). That whether you go to a meeting, a meeting, shopping or the mountains to ski. No matter where you go such a garment properly matched can not fail. If you prefer to just dress in the office with a jacket and be more relaxed otherwise you can do it, nobody stops you, what matters is how you feel better but remember a winter coat for men in fashion makes feel and to convey something special … something stylish.

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