A lot of designers and brands have opted for outfits that leave the ankle visible. First of all, the simplest and most subtle, effective way to adopt the trend is to roll up your classic long jeans. A casual option that looks great – this technique works very well with light jeans in summer. So, crystal clear, we will see how to roll up your jeans.

How to arrange rolled-up jeans – If skinny jeans are not missing from your wardrobe, here’s how you can wear them: first, roll up your jeans in a 1-2 inches cuff, then fold the cuff again. Arrange this cuff on the other leg as well to create a symmetrical look. Another way you can try, especially if the jeans are elastic, is the inner cuff. Wrap the jeans as much as you want, then insert the cuff on the inside. On the other hand, if you want to roll up larger jeans, you’ll be able to roll them up normally, just trying to make the cuffs look a little thicker. This technique works perfectly for boyfriend jeans, where you will have to bend the edge of the jeans in the first instance without any obvious crease.

Roll up pants – Alternatively, you could choose a less tight roll – one that is especially popular with and looks a little more casual. This method works best for jeans.

Different types of cuffs – In general, rolling your jeans should be one of the easiest and fastest things you do all day, but this can come with a little practice. You should not run the right pair of jeans more than once or twice. Once you’ve perfected the roll, you can start to get a little more creative with the roll type. Here are some rolls to try with your jeans:

Single Roll – Simply roll the jeans, then tuck the hem behind the rolled side. Works well with the right pair.

Long roll – If the pants are a little long, simply roll the jeans a little higher to compensate for the extra fabric. It works with slim cuts and fringe denim. Note that if you are short, this type of roll can make your legs appear shorter.

The Skinny Roll – Best done on a lighter weight denim, as on a regular pair of denim, these three skinny, tight flips will add unnecessary weight to the ankles.

Double Cuff – Simply roll up the right pair of jeans – but be careful as it will add a slight heft to the bottom of the pants. This is a very common roll.

The Pinroll – Pinch about an inch or two of the jeans to the side before you start rolling from the bottom.

Rolling up the bottom of your pants has become very trendy. It is still necessary to know how to roll up the leg. Nevertheless, not all denims are equal to adopt the roll-up tab.

Roll up the bottom of his jeans. When it comes to style, the detail makes the difference. The latest trend is to roll up the bottom of your pants. And who says pants also says denim. However, only slim jeans support a cuff. Other cuts of jeans cannot be rolled up. And neither inward nor outward. If your pants are too long, it’s best to have them cut and hemmed.

Method 1 of 5: Do the super skinny cuff

1. Choose your pair of jeans. For feminine styles, the super skinny cuff works best with very tight jeans, often labeled “skinny.” These jeans are straight leg jeans and usually have a little stretch to the fabric. For men, the super skinny cuff is suitable for skinny jeans and straight legs. These jeans can also be labeled “skinny” or “slim fit”.

2. Create the first fold. At the bottom of both legs of your jeans, fold the hem up to create a very thin cuff. This cuff should measure approximately 0.5 inches in width and should only consist of the folded bottom hem.

3. Make the second fold. Fold the bottom of the jeans again to create a double turn-up of the hem. This cuff should still be about 0.5 inches wide. Smooth the edges of the cuff so that your pleats are the same size and uniform. For women, this cuff is chic and goes well with high and low rise shoes. For men, this cuff works well with thinner, lighter fabrics and is great for slim fit shoes.

Method 2 of 5: Make the cuff wide

1. Choose your pair of jeans. For women, this relaxed cuff works best with looser jeans. A loose, straight-legged pair of jeans does work well, but this cuff also works on jeans labeled as “drippy” or “boyfriend” jeans. For men’s styles, this cuff works on looser, longer and heavier jeans.

2. Create the first fold. Fold the bottom of both legs of your jeans up. For feminine styles, this pleat is usually about 5 inches wide. For men’s styles, this fold is usually thicker, about 3 to 10 inches.

3. Make the second fold. For feminine styles, fold the cuff again 3 inches, making it a double cuff. Be aware that the look might not be what you are aiming for, as another large cuff will be quite high on your calf. For feminine styles, this cuff is best used for a casual look pair with sneakers. For men, this cuff works well with thicker jeans and paired with boots.

Method 3 of 5: Making the rolled cuff

1. Choose your pair of jeans. For feminine styles, the cuff works best with looser fit jeans. This could mean “boyfriend” jeans or just roomier, straight leg jeans. For men, the rolled cuff is a simple cuff and one of the most adaptable looks. A simple rolled cuff works on almost any type and weight of denim.

2. Create the first fold. There is a bit of freedom with this cuff, but fold up the two lower legs of your jeans by about 1 inch. Make sure the crease is even all the way around the circumference of the jeans leg. For men’s styles, aim for an initial pleat of 2 inches.

3. Make the second fold. For feminine styles, fold the bottom of your jeans over both legs to make a 2 inch double turn-up. This crease doesn’t have to be perfect, so don’t worry about smoothing out the cuff. Consider lightly tugging and twee-zing the wrist to give it a rounder, fatter look. For men’s styles, make your second crease by tucking the hem of your jeans into your original crease. This crease should completely hide the hem of your jeans inside the first cuff.

Method 4 of 5: Do the under-cuff

1. Choose your jeans. The underside of the cuff is usually made with women’s jeans that are more fitted and have lycra woven into the fabric. Indeed, the lycra gives the jeans a certain flexibility, which helps to maintain the fold in the wrist.

2. Make your first fold. Fold the bottom of both legs of your jeans 1 to 8 inches thick. The width of the fold really depends on the desired length of your jeans. Make a larger pleat if you want your jeans to be shorter, and make a smaller pleat if you want your jeans to be longer.

3. Iron the crease. Iron the bottom edge of the crease to give your jeans a firm crease. Be sure to iron the front and back sides of the cuff.

4. Fold the cuff under. Instead of tucking the cuff again, outside the jeans, turn the cuff inward, tucking it inside the jeans. The ironed crease should serve as the bottom mark of the cuff. Pull the edges of the cuff to make sure the fold is even and flat. This cuff works best for seamlessly altering the length of jeans, to pair with a pair of heels. However, in general, this cuff can be worn with any type of shoe.

Method 5 of 5: Do the trendy armband

1. Choose your pair of jeans. The bunchy cuff is normally fashioned into women’s styles, with loose, thicker, “boyfriend” jeans. These baggy but heavier jeans are then usually paired with high fashion items such as heels and leather jackets, to create a juxtaposed look that is both sloppy and chic.

2. Make the first fold. Fold both lower legs of your jeans about 3 to 5 inches. Then pick and pull the lapel down to create a more sloppy look. The cuff should look creased and creased.

3. Add the final touch. Fold down the top cuff hem and fold down the crease by gathering and squeezing the cuff with your hands. This cuff should look sloppy while maintaining its folded nature.

Questions and answers:

What if I think the jeans don’t look good with the crease or the sneakers?

– So don’t wear them that way. It’s entirely your choice, you don’t have to follow exactly what’s trending.

What crease should I do if I’m wearing sneakers?

-You can roll up the jeans to let them show your socks, but not too high.

If I rolled them up to look like shorts, how would I keep them in place?

-You will have to handcuff them to keep it in place. You usually won’t be able to roll full-length jeans into shorts.

What should I do if I’m wearing heeled sandals and skinny jeans?

-I would bend lengthwise at the crotch. Then roll up from the cuff or hem. The tighter and smoother the roller, the less wrinkles you will have.

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