The way you dress has a huge impact on this first impression. You’ve probably noticed that a suit that comes perfectly fitted for a man completely changes it: as an attitude, as a presence. There are occasions when a well-chosen suit can change your life: at a job interview, at signing an important contract, at a wedding – yours, others’; at beautiful life events, at important meetings… But how do you know if he is well chosen? How can you choose a man’s suit to suit you? It’s simple, no matter what suit and purpose you want to wear it. You need to consider a few criteria and you’re done!

A legitimate question is not it? There are so many reasons to wear a suit, and even if you do not read the article in full if you stand alone and you think about it, you will definitely find many reasons to start wearing mens suits 2023 trends. A man in a suit is more elegant, looks more masculine and more attractive. But only if he wears, in style, a suit that suits him.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a suit or wearing one:

– Buy or wear only the suits that suit you in size. To find out if your jacket fits you well, look at your shoulders, they don’t have to stand up or go outside. When you close the jacket, it should not form an “X” on the buttons, because that means it is too tight.

– The jacket never closes on all buttons, unless it has a single button. If it has two buttons, it closes only on the top button. If it has three buttons, it closes on the middle button and, optionally, on the top button. If it has four buttons, the first and last button is left open. If you have a jacket with two rows of buttons, only the top button closes.

– As for the length of the sleeves of the suit, they should come to the knot on the thumb of your hand. This is the basic rule, but it also matters a lot what your conformation is and how you feel in that jacket and if you like jackets with a slightly shorter sleeve than the classic one.

The material must be extremely versatile. Of course, wool is the perfect material for any men’s suit you want to wear. In any season, at any event, it will look impeccable and will fit very well on the body. In addition, it is much more comfortable and durable than the main opponent, cashmere. If your budget doesn’t allow for a 100% wool or cashmere suit, try a combination of polyester or viscose, but never suits made of this material!

A 2 or 3 piece suit? Classic elements of a men’s suit, jacket and pants are not the only ones to think about. In choosing the right model, you will have to decide if you want a vest too. Although 3 pieces may seem too formal, during the summer, for more relaxed outfits, the vest can easily replace the jacket. This gives you more flexibility and can encourage you to opt for a vest suit. You will be able to wear it completely, making sure that the vest is visible only in the lapel area, when you have the jacket closed at the buttons, or decomposed, giving up the jacket, when the situation allows it.

Like it or not, there comes a time in life when you have to buy your first suit. Whether you need it or you are passionate about masculine style and want to make your first custom-made suit, it is a very important step. Therefore, it would be good to make a wise decision regarding the choice of costume. It is recommended to go for a classic variant, namely a navy suit. It is a safe option that saves you from any situation: banquet, wedding, baptism, funeral, your first interview, business meeting, etc. In addition to being very versatile and can be worn in many situations, the navy suit is suitable for any type of hair and complexion.

What fabric to choose for your first suit:

– if you want an all season suit, then you should choose a lighter wool fabric so that you can wear it in summer in comfort;

– if you want a suit that you can wear often, then it is recommended to choose a more resistant wool that does not deteriorate very easily, and here I am referring to the types of wool that are not finer than Super120’S;

– if you want a suit that you wear less often, then you can opt for a fine wool from the Super120’S range upwards. It will be very soft to the touch and will sit very well on your body, but the disadvantage is that it deteriorates faster.

– In addition to these options, I remind you that you also have the types of wool combined with cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, etc. What type of construction to choose I know that most of the time we choose clothes according to our budget. However, I can say that fused jackets will never be able to be qualitative in the true sense of the word, even if the fabric is very good. Think that the whole front is built with a piece of glue. Now imagine how much comfort and freedom of movement a jacket with such a construction could offer you.

So, my recommendation is to buy or order a jacket that has at least a half-canvas construction, if you can’t afford a full-canvas one. What you “lose” in price, you gain in comfort and the way the jacket will fit you. Also, a full-canvas jacket will not be damaged if you take it to the dry cleaner as often as a fused one.

How you choose your suit for the event you are going to attend – There are two types of events where it is recommended to wear an elegant suit: business events and ceremonies.

The code of good manners says that the dress code should specify the desired dress code, however there are certain types of events where the way you have to dress is implied. How do we know that? It’s very simple – depending on the time of the event, the venue, but also the specifics of the event.

What outfit to wear to a business meeting – It is very important that the chosen outfit shows competence and seriousness. But, even at business meetings, we come across two types of clothing: the one for business people and the one for people in the creative area, the media, etc. In the first case, the ideal choice is obviously an elegant but classic suit for official meetings. In the second case, we can limit ourselves to a well-tailored shirt, pants and jacket – an elegant outfit, but not an official one. Therefore, for official meetings, classic costumes are recommended, in a darker color, but not necessarily black (the black suit being much more suitable for solemn ceremonies). You can opt for shades of gray, dark gray, dark blue.

Another recommendation is that the entire suit be the same color. Prints – plaid, thin stripes – are allowed, but without strong contrasts. It is also recommended to wear a plain white long-sleeved shirt.

How to choose the ceremony suit – As I said above, there are several types of ceremonies – black tie, white tie etc. Depending on the type of event, there are some details that make the difference between a suitable suit and an inappropriate one.

What black suit we wear – Optional black tie means that at the event you are attending, there may be elegantly dressed men, but also casual dressed men. Therefore, a certain style is not required. However, if you want to be in tune with the atmosphere, you have two options: either opt for jeans, a shirt and a jacket, or opt for a suit with a non-conformist print, which will “cut” a little elegance.

A successful man must have the right clothes in his wardrobe so that he does not have to do emergency shopping before crucial events. Here are some of the most important costumes you should have:

Formal Suit – Most ceremonies and special events require a sober attire, when you need to choose a simple black suit or a tailcoat. If you are invited as a knight of honor to the wedding of your best friend, you can choose a bow tie in a bold color to spice up the outfit a bit. When it comes to sober ceremonies, limit yourself to the black suit and matching tie. Versatility in Styling – Similar to jeans, office skirts also offer versatility in styling. Depending on the occasion, they can be paired with blouses, button-down shirts, or tailored jackets, allowing women to create an array of elegant and refined looks. Additionally, they offer a wide range of colors and patterns, enabling women to express their personal style while adhering to workplace norms. Addressing Weather Considerations – Both jeans and office skirts can be adapted to various weather conditions. In colder months, jeans can be paired with cozy sweaters or stylish coats, while office skirts can be combined with tights and elegant outerwear. During warmer seasons, both options provide breath-ability and comfort, making them suitable choices throughout the year.

Interview Suit – When you are looking for a new job, it is very important to be prepared in advance to make a good impression, both in terms of character and confidence, and in terms of clothing. A suit suitable for the interview should be the perfect size for you and preferably black. The tie can stand out and choose a bolder model to make you stand out. The roots of the formal suit can be traced back to the early 19th century when Beau Brummell, a prominent British fashion icon, popularized the notion of impeccably tailored clothing for men. This marked the beginning of the modern suit, characterized by a structured jacket, matching trousers, and a collared dress shirt. As industrialization and urbanization took hold, the suit became a staple of urban professionals, cementing its association with the world of business and commerce. The formal suit for men continues to hold a position of unrivaled elegance and sophistication in the world of fashion. Its origins in the early 19th century as a symbol of social status and refinement have transcended time and cultural boundaries. A well-tailored suit remains an emblem of professionalism and authority, instilling a sense of confidence in the wearer. The evolution of suiting styles and its adaptability to contemporary trends ensure that the formal suit remains a timeless and revered ensemble, epitomizing the epitome of men’s formal wear. As men continue to embrace the classic charm of the formal suit, its legacy as a symbol of power and style endures, maintaining its position as a timeless fashion staple.

Office Suit – Office suits should be comfortable and practical, but they should look impeccable. For a modern look, choose slim fit suits that tend to be shorter than the classic ones, both in the jacket and in the pants. Acceptable colors for a classic office style are navy blue and dark gray, and in the case of shirts you should avoid strong shades and opt for simple, white, blue or other pastel shirts. If you want to add a subtle accessory, such as shirt buttons or a tie with elegant patterns, these details will surely attract attention in a pleasant way. The interview suit is not merely a fashion choice; it is a visual representation of a candidate’s professionalism and suitability for the role. Employers often perceive a well-dressed individual as someone who pays attention to detail and is committed to projecting a positive image of themselves and the company. A meticulously chosen interview suit can convey a candidate’s confidence, competence, and respect for the job opportunity. The interview suit for men is not just an outfit; it is a representation of professionalism, competence, and respect. A well-chosen and well-tailored suit can create a lasting impression on potential employers, setting the stage for a successful interview. By carefully selecting the suit components, paying attention to grooming, and adhering to classic and conservative styles, men can confidently present themselves as serious and competent candidates. Remember, dressing for success is not about being flashy or ostentatious; it is about projecting a polished and professional image that showcases one’s best qualities and potential contributions to a future employer.

Suit for family holidays – Holidays spent with the family do not require a strict outfit, but if you want to prove that you do everything in style, do not neglect these events. Replace the classic black trousers with some light colored ones, brown boots (or shoes) and jacket with patterns or in a different color than what you are used to wearing. The shirt is not absolutely necessary and can be replaced with a sweater in a color that compliments the rest of the outfit.
If you’re ready to show that you put style first, fill your wardrobe with the necessary pieces as soon as possible. Opt for suits made of quality materials and invest more in your image. The office suit serves as more than just a uniform; it is a visual representation of a man’s commitment to his role and a show of respect for the professional setting. A well-tailored and thoughtfully selected suit exudes confidence and sends a message of competence, reliability, and attention to detail. The suit’s power lies in its ability to create a commanding presence and leave a lasting impression on colleagues, clients, and superiors. While the office suit remains rooted in tradition, contemporary fashion trends offer opportunities for men to infuse a modern edge into their attire. Slimmer fits, shorter jacket lengths, and slightly tapered trousers provide a more streamlined and fashion-forward look. Experimenting with subtle patterns or textures, such as pinstripes or herringbone weaves, can add personality to the ensemble without compromising professionalism. The office suit for men remains an iconic symbol of professionalism, authority, and elegance in the modern workplace. By carefully selecting the essential components – the suit jacket, dress shirt, trousers, tie, and shoes – men can project confidence, reliability, and competence. Embracing contemporary fashion trends while adhering to classic styles allows men to infuse a modern edge into their office suits without compromising professionalism. Tailoring plays a vital role in achieving the perfect fit, enhancing the overall impact of the ensemble. As men continue to don the office suit, they embrace a timeless and revered attire that elevates their style and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression in the corporate world.

Fashion trends in men’s custom suits

The Tuxedo suit is always fashionable, it is elegant, suitable for a wedding, or other important events in a man’s life. It can be a woolen fabric tuxedo suit that matches a white cotton shirt and a silk bow tie. A jacquard Tuxedo suit with a white cotton shirt and a velvet bow tie can also be made to order. The outfits in monochrome colors are in the fashion trends of 2023. Black is in the top of this year’s trends. Monochrome and multicolored jackets are preferred. This look also appears on men’s casual shirts. Contrasting colors are also very popular.

Bow ties are all the rage – This accessory is not just an element of an exclusiveness formal style, it is also worn in a casual outfit. Designers suggest men to wear bow ties and sweaters or T-shirts and not just shirts, casual wear. Velvet or silk bow ties are fashionable, plain, in different colors or with the most interesting prints.

Men in black – The all-black proposals do not go out of the current trends and remain in the positions of a few seasons ago in men’s fashion. The truth is that a man in a completely black look exudes the necessary mystery through which he can arouse controversy. Never underestimate the visual power that the simplicity of an all-black look can exude or the modern man who certainly knows how to wear such a suit in any context. We have a word for you: notorious! Notoriety gives it an impeccable look and whether we are talking about an all-black urban approach or an all-black ceremonial costume, the most important detail is the refined flair that black demands when integrated into a carriage. Monochrome costumes – Just like the all-black look approach, the principles behind monochrome outfits are similar. Simplicity, modern flair and rebellious attitude are the key words that build the realization of monochrome looks. In the fall-winter 2023 and spring-summer 2023 season, the big brands are considering mixing solid, dull and uniform areas with bold textures, in metallic shades and strong colors, but the tone-on-tone layering returns and “dethrones” mix and matches between textures and colors. Simplicity is considered the most complex concept to approach in the outfits presented on the runway and in the day-by-day approaches of men.

First of all, we will focus on those important details that most men overlook:

💙 Matching the shoes to the strap (the shoes must be the color of the strap);

💙 You can add originality to your outfit if you choose to wear a bow tie. While some pretentious occasions will restrict your creativity in terms of the color of your suit or style, a bow tie of an interesting material or with an out-of-the-ordinary print will be a subtle artifice for your outfit;

💙 The sleeves of the jacket must allow the cuff of the shirt to be visible 1 inch; – If you are wearing a belt, then stop wearing the straps or vice versa;

💙 Number of buttonholes. The jacket with two buttonholes flatters any figure. The one with a buttonhole is younger, more ‘fashionable’, but it suits people who are supple. The jacket with 3 buttonholes can look slightly old-fashioned;

💙 Don’t leave your shirt cuffs on your hands – Shirt sleeves are essential in the way you look. This is why you need to make sure they are the right length. Ideally, a maximum of one centimeter of the cuff of the shirt should appear from under the sleeve of the jacket, when you keep your hand bent at the elbow, no more;

💙 If you opt for a striped suit, make sure that they are discreet and preferably vertical. Thick vertical striped costumes look funny and are only suitable for themed Halloween parties. A horizontal striped suit is very difficult to wear and match;

💙 The last button is always open;

💙 Wear vests instead of a jacket, for extra originality! – The vest should be up to your waist and should cover your belt. You can close all the buttons or you can leave a button open. In general, the color, but also the patterns or prints on your vest should match the suit you are wearing;

💙 The color of the watch should be the same as the color of the strap and shoes.

Types of suits needed by every responsible man

Men have a habit of not keeping a lot of things in their wardrobe. It has been proven that, most of the time, women are the ones who purchase the most clothes for different events. Even so, any self-respecting man should have in his wardrobe certain ideal outfits for all kinds of occasions.

Whether we are talking about attending a special event or going to the office, you need to look flawless, so we have prepared for you a list of suits that should never be missing from your wardrobe.

Plain navy blue suit

It is one of the most popular models of men’s suits due to its versatility. It can be worn according to everyone’s needs, both at the office and at more sophisticated events. If you want, you can use the jacket of such a suit during the day, together with a pair of jeans and a shirt, while during the evening you should definitely opt for a pair of smart trousers and a shirt suitable for the event you are going to take part. With such an outfit you can also wear a bow tie or a black tie.

The navy suit with stripes

Men who opt for this type of suit want to show off, most of the time, their athletic body or just certain parts of their body that are to their advantage. Stripes are known for the optical illusion they create every time. Lately, the most purchased navy suits with stripes are the slim fit ones, because they show off the gym worked abs or broad shoulders. Although at first glance, such an outfit may seem friendly, it is not like that at all. You have to know how to accessorize it to your advantage because it can quickly turn into a total failure.

Plain gray suit

This type of suit is a must-have these days, but you have to be very careful when wearing it because you have to fulfill certain conditions. The most important aspect is the construction of the body, as they must perfectly fit the body line of each man. Some people prefer to have such an outfit custom made to make sure it will fit them. If you are going to attend an important event and want to wear a solid gray suit, you must definitely opt for one of three pieces (jacket, pants and waistcoat).

Plaid suit

In this case, you can go for the gray checkered suit or the navy blue checkered suit as both of them are perfect for any kind of event you are going to attend. the advantage of these suits is that they allow you to forego the tie or bow tie, but also the elegant trousers.

Universal rules:

1. The right size – is the most important and mandatory rule when it comes to men’s clothing. The thoughts that I will lose a few pounds or add a few do not work when you buy clothes. Just choose the one that suits you well.

2. It is known that men are attracted to women who wear red – the most passionate and strong color. Women, in turn, are attracted to men who wear blue. That’s why it adds elements to the outfit that are blue: whether we’re talking about modern jackets, a shirt, a suit, etc. A blue element will only add extra confidence to the outfit.

3. If you are wearing a suit, make sure you have a lighter shirt than a jacket. It is the ideal way to shape your figure visually.

4. Do you need more costumes for different situations, but you don’t want to spend too much money? Choose dark blue, gray and black.

5. Do not put your pants in ankle boots. Instead, especially if you opt for jeans, you could twist them 1-2 times. First of all – your shoes will be more visible, secondly – twisting your pants is a trend nowadays. And the practice of putting pants in shoes is not appreciated and looks sloppy.


The suit, whether it’s formal or casual, has an important role – make an appearance! It has to be a suit you can be proud of, a special suit, one with which you can easily stand out without saying too much. An important aspect in choosing a suit is the consideration of some details that make the difference. Most of the time, men only look at the size of the deux-piece and don’t value the cut details, the accessories. First of all, we will focus on those otherwise important details that most men overlook: Matching the shoes to the belt (the shoes must match the color of the belt); Jacket sleeves must allow 1 inch of shirt cuff to be visible; If you wear a belt, then stop wearing braces or vice versa; The last button is always worn open; The color of the watch should be the same as the color of the belt and the shoes.

THE FORMAL COSTUME Shoulders – The seam should be at the top of the shoulder and not anywhere but the middle of it. It is recommended not to move further, creating a perfect imaginary line with the arm.

Shirt – The visible part of the back of the collar should be equal to the visible part of the cuff (approx. 1 inch). The collar should be tight enough that no more than 2 fingers fit between it and the neck. Jacket – It should hug the body and create a curve at the waist. The length should cover the seat but not extend beyond arm length.

Sleeves – The shirt cuff should end at the base of the thumb and the jacket sleeve should be an idea shorter by approx. 1 inch from that of the shirt.

Tie – Must be long enough that the top of the tie reaches the belt buckle.

Pants – It is recommended to be slim, from the waist to the top of the shoes, so that the socks are not visible too much.

THE CASUAL SUIT If you wear a suit for a “relaxed” event, things will change radically. For a casual look that involves a suit, you need a few accessories that make the difference from the formal one: Handkerchief; Colored socks or moccasin socks; Tie pin; Shirt pin/pin; Clock; Bracelets / Bracelet; Glasses.

Unlike the formal one, in this case, the pants don’t necessarily have to fall over the shoes. The images in the photo gallery will give you some hints for a well-defined look. We hope this article will be useful for men who value elegance, style and professionalism! You don’t have to think about it too much, but it is necessary to pay a minimum of attention if you want to make a good impression in any room, in any situation. A perfect suit looks perfect if it fits you! It is mandatory that it comes to you “as cast” to turn everyone’s eyes!

Tricks for men

1. Learn how to recognize when a jacket doesn’t fit you the way it should. If you see that your jacket is riding up at the shoulder like in the picture below, it means that it is way too wide.

2. It is always acceptable to close your middle button when wearing a three-button jacket. But don’t forget that if the top button closure is optional – it’s up to you whether you want to close it or not – the bottom button should always remain open. Under no circumstances close this button. If you have a jacket with four buttons, the first and last button must always be unbuttoned, and if you have a jacket with only one button, it is worn closed. Don’t forget another rule, this has more to do with the code of good manners than with fashion: when a man sits in a chair, he must sit with his buttons unbuttoned, and when he stands up he closes them, as I explained in what I wrote above.

3. Just like the single-breasted suit, the double-breasted suit does not need to close the bottom button.

4. When it comes to length, the sleeves should reach the knuckle of the thumb (ie the trapezius bone of the carpal bones). Of course, this rule needs to be adapted. It also depends on the proportions of your hand. This is the basic rule, but it also depends on how you look in the mirror, if you feel the length suits you, how you visually perceive this suit.

5. If you want to wear a suit with stripes, make sure that these stripes are thin, discreet. Go for bold stripes only if you’re going to a themed Halloween party. Otherwise, you have no excuse!

6. With few exceptions, horizontal stripes are very difficult to wear when it comes to suits. They are generally not aesthetically pleasing and suit few people. So be very careful if you want to wear such a costume. On the left you have an example of such a no, on the right an example of such a yes.

7. Always unbutton your suit when sitting down. If you leave them closed, you will destroy your buttons and it is very possible to change the shape of the suit.

8. If you can only buy one suit, go for one in charcoal, like the one below. And black, navy blue, gray are some very good and suitable colors for suits, but charcoal color is more versatile when combined with various patterns and colors.

9. Pants should make you feel comfortable. So before you buy them, to make sure you’ll feel good wearing them, put a finger around your waist. If you are making them to order, measure for the pants, around the waist, with a finger to the inside of the centimeter.

10. When it comes to trouser length, you must keep the following rule in mind: the trouser cut / hem must fall above the heel of the shoes. Make sure your socks won’t show.

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