Although the wedding day is overshadowed by the bride’s dress, you are probably one of the future brides equally concerned about their outfit, and you want a wedding suit that will differentiate you from the crowd of guests, and that will not remain forgotten in the wardrobe.
As beautiful and fun as the day of the party is, so stressful can be the preparations before the event. If you are in the position of future bride, we have created for you a complete guide with all the information to help you create a flawless outfit to wear on the wedding day.
Find out everything you may be interested in: from what materials and trends you can choose for a jacket and pants, to how to accessorize your outfit! So let’s see some wedding suits for men 2023 guide.

Any future groom must know that one of the most important aspects in choosing clothing is the type of suit.

As a groom, you want to make sure that the jackets and pants of the suits fit correctly on the body, and this guarantee cannot be offered by those who sell “ready-to-wear” (tailor-made) or “made-to-measure” suits.

You will need a groom’s suit made to order by hand according to your pattern (bespoke) – you are measured, then the pattern is made, and after the pattern the costume is made. This is neither a “made to measure” nor a “ready to wear” suit, so be very careful because most claim to sell custom suits but instead offer “made to measure” or “ready made” suits with modifications.

Another essential aspect is the choice of model. The groom must choose an outfit that easily distinguishes him from the rest of the guests and for this reason the accessorize and personalization of the outfit plays a very important role.

Choose a suit from an exclusive fabric or if you opt for 100% wool, choose a pattern with an embroidery or an outdated accessory.

1. Find out the tailor’s gown costume that suits you
In addition to your style, the first step in choosing the costume of a ceremony costume depends a lot on the conformation of the body. Therefore, we cannot refer to a single style. In the following rows you will discover among which styles to choose for your costume that will enhance your body.

Classic, regular tailor’s outfit – A regular / classic outfit is recommended if you usually adopt a classic style. In addition, the way the suits with normal tailoring are made gives you more freedom of movement. Such a suit is wider around the body – both the jacket and the pants. However, normal tailoring does not mean that the clothes will be wide for the person wearing them. Properly tailored, a classic suit will fit nicely on the body.
Such a fit suits you if you have a stronger body structure.

Slim fit groom suit – Slim fit gown is increasingly popular among the choices of a true gentleman. Slim jackets are tailored to better fit the body and better fit the conformation of the wearer. It is not necessarily mandatory, but the waist is narrower around the arms, chest and waist. Both the jacket and trousers are tighter around the waist and thighs. Such a suit benefits you and suits you, especially if you have an athletic stature.

Tailor made is a good solution – A groom suit made to measure is a middle way between the classic and the slim suit, as all measurements and tests guarantee that you will have a suit tailored specifically for you and depending on the conformation of your body.
In addition, a made to measure suit offers other benefits: you can choose the type of material, the color, even the smallest details such as the look of the buttons and the shape of the reverb. At the same time, if you choose to make a suit in order, you save time, because you do not go to stores to try until you decide which suit is right for you. Use your time saved by looking after other details for the big day.
And what would it be like if you embroidered on the lining of the jacket not only the initials, but the date when the happy event takes place? You will have a memory to enjoy for years in a row.

2. Choose the colors and prints that match the theme of the wedding. If your wedding has a theme, you most likely chose the specific colors. It is up to you how bold you are. You can wear themed colors in accessories, or you can wear a colorful outfit. The brighter shades that brides choose are: navy blue – an iconic color and timeless, burgundy or dark green – colors that attract good energy and red – the most appropriate color to reflect love and passion.

3. Choose the best materials. The tailoring, the colors and the material are always consistent. If they do not combine harmoniously, you risk getting a suit that bothers you. Because you will spend almost 24 hours in the same suit, the material must be comfortable. And at the same time, you should look great. How do you get this? You must choose quality fabrics. If you’ve read this far, it means you already know that black tuxedo is the winning option if you’re looking for a son-in-law suit or if you’re going to a wedding or a gala event. Two important things remain to be determined: fabric and color. Because we know that suits from a fabric of questionable quality are often sold, please pay attention to 2 very important aspects: First – the groom’s suit should be made of 100% wool or wool and silk. The second aspect that you should keep in mind when buying a ceremonial suit is the origin of the wool. Choose internationally certified manufacturers such as Holland & Sherry, Cerruti, Loro Piana, Scabal, Vitale Barberis Canonico. Discover on the blog how to choose your groom’s suit according to your personality!

4. Shirt – The color par excellence is white. But then again, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up a shirt of a different color. This one will be long-sleeved. And yes even if you get married in August, it will be de intriguer.
At the sleeves, the shirt should protrude from half a centimeter to a centimeter from the jacket in order to reveal the cuff-links if you wear them. This also creates a balance between the collar and the sleeves.
Remember to bring a spare shirt, in case of stains. It can also be nice in hot weather to be able to find a second shirt.

Depending on the structure of your body – If you are short and solid, it would be good to choose a jacket with a single button. The V formed by the lapels of the jacket will give you, visually, an extra height. If you are thin and tall or athletic you can choose the jacket with two rows of buttons. In this case, you must be prepared to keep them closed all evening. If you open them, the jacket will lose its balance.

You are going to wear the son-in-law’s suit, but you have no idea what type of suit suits you? Use this guide for latest wedding suits for groom when choosing your groom’s suit. Here are some tips in this regard:

Depending on the theme of the event. From the classic tuxedo suitable for black-tie events to slim fit suits in light colors, it follows fashion trends and wears a gray suit or a suit consisting of two different pieces at the wedding. The most versatile choices are black, carbon or navy blue suits. These can be matched with accessories that give a sophisticated look to the outfit, whether you prefer a bow tie or a tie with a print.

Choose the suit according to the trends. This year, the colorful jacket and the classic pants are worn, and the green color is also in trend. Therefore, you can match the green, blue or maroon jacket with the classic black pants for a refined and modern look.

Choose the suit according to the bride’s dress. Because the groom’s outfit must function as a unitary whole and complement each other, try to choose a black-tie suit with or without a vest. Give a festive note to your outfit and match it with a velvet or silk bow tie, depending on the season. If the bride’s dress is very pretentious, and the event takes place in a ballroom, consider the tailcoat.

According to the style of the wedding. Nowadays, many couples are opting for casual weddings, where no classic rules are imposed. In this case, the groom’s outfit will be chosen according to the style of the event. For example, for the wedding in retro style, the three-piece suit (jacket, pants, vest) and ties or bow tie accessories with a cheerful print (polka dots, plaids, paisley print) are required.
For boho-chic weddings, light fabric suits in light colors are ideal. A light gray or beige suit matched with a floral shirt, a floral bow tie or a cocktail that resembles the miniature bride’s bouquet is a more than inspired choice.

After the season. In the case of summer weddings, a suit made of light, light-colored materials is the best choice. The light gray, beige or blue suit is among the most inspired wedding outfits. If the wedding is more casual and takes place outdoors, a green jacket with purple pants is a very good option. We all like to be inspired by autumn, to become melancholy with the fall of the leaves and to leave our wardrobe prey to the amazing colors of this season. Late autumn urges elegance when it comes to outfits. Leave room for knitters, knitted jackets and coats, leather accessories and jewelry, use them in your elegant outfits and let the colors of the season play in the outfit. Choose a suit with simple, square pockets, a shirt or a tie in complementary colors and find a pair of shoes in plain brown leather, or suede. You can wear handmade jewelry, such as a matching watch or an elegant men’s ring. If you like to play with your outfits and you are a little bolder, the straps are a fashionable accessory, easy to wear and that can immediately enliven your outfit. Don’t forget to respect the chosen chromatic, using the same tones and colors in the whole outfit. You will get an enviable autumn look! For a winter outfit, give up the earthy and autumn shades, replacing them with the colder, darker ones, but keep the same matching style. Don’t forget your coat! It is a must-have of elegant or office outfits in the cold season. The velvet jacket is an excellent choice, and a soft wool suit, elegantly worked, in stripes or plaid, can immediately take you out of anonymity. Most winter weddings are formal, elegant or eccentric, so you don’t have to worry about improvising too much. That is if the bride and groom did not think of organizing a masquerade ball party! Pool party! This is probably the first thought that came to your mind and, rightly, this is the theme to match her outfit. The summer heat automatically means a light-colored suit, light, thin, or a shirt and a white linen jacket, which will protect you from the sun’s rays and offer you comfort on a hot evening. We already know that temperatures rise considerably in the summer, and dancing evenings can be exhausting if you are not prepared for the heat! You can choose a navy outfit, a blue suit, knitwear, cotton and linen. Don’t forget to always have a handkerchief with you. It will save you in many situations.

How to properly accessorize a suit


The most important rule is this: if we wear a simple shirt, we can put a tie with a print; if we wear a printed shirt, we put on a simple tie.

– The tie must always be darker than the shirt.

– The width of the tie must be directly proportional to the width of the jacket. In other words, the wider the jacket, the wider the tie should be.

– The tie must be neither longer nor shorter than the belt. The ideal length is close to the belt.

– For black tie & white tie suits, we must match a silk tie.


– The ideal choice for suits of any type is lace-up shoes.

-The latest trends accept, in some cases, moccasins and shoes without laces.

-If we are talking about a business meeting, we opt for dark shoes – by no means colored.

-To be safe, black shoes are recommended. For other colors, you have to be very careful to match the suit, the shirt, the tie. Light colors are worn only in summer, in light suits. Lacquer shoes are only recommended for solemn events.


-Socks should be the color transition from shoes to suits, from a chromatic point of view.

-The basic rule is that they should be darker than the suit and lighter than the shoes.

-You can opt for neutral shades: dark blue, dark gray, dark green and black.

-We exclude white socks – they are only worn with sports shoes.

General tips:

  • Don’t leave this thing for the last hundred meters. Even if you are convinced that you will easily find a groom’s suit, tick this point on the list at least one month before the event. There will be a lot of small things in the last days before the wedding and, surely, you will not have much energy and patience to look for your suit and shoes just then;
  • It is also important that the wedding dress is comfortable, not just looking good. It is a costume that you will wear for almost a whole day (if you do not choose to have different outfits at the civil wedding and the wedding party), which is why it is essential to feel at ease in it, to be able to move in way;
  • Last but not least, take into account the outfit worn by your fiancée (there must be a coordination between your outfits in terms of style, materials from which they are made and the colors chosen), the theme of the wedding (if applicable), but also the period in which the wedding will take place. At a summer party, for example, you can opt for a suit made of light fabrics and light colors. In winter, on the other hand, thicker suits, black or navy blue, work better.
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022
Wedding Suits For Men 2022

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