When the temperature drops you need the best winter coat 2022 to keep you warm and comfortable all winter. We all know that finding the right jacket is difficult, especially in recent years, when the fashion industry exploded and brought to market hundreds of interesting models that keep us warm but also bring extra glamor and charm to the outfit our. After all, the jacket is the most visible element of our winter outfit, so it should not be randomly chosen.

What criteria should you consider when buying a winter coat?

– the climate and the environment we live in;
– winter coat destination (where we wear it);
– impermeability;
– how hot it is;
– the price.


Why, though, sometimes when looking for an autumn / winter jacket and thinking that we have found the right one, we realize after a few days that we are still cold, the wind or the moisture in the air? I appreciate from my own experience a few specific features to a jacket, and I want to make sure she has them at least. So I can ski in winter, ski fun, snow on the mountain, all day at work, and when the stones are cold. I synthesized them a bit, and they are the three most important:

1. Be truly waterproof

What does a jacket actually mean to be waterproof? A waterproof jacket of quality must withstand both rain / snow and wind. Attention, however, many believe that if a jacket is waterproof, it is also warm. Unfortunately, this is not true, the feature that indicates this is the thermal insulation load.

2. Protect from cold

In the cold season, insulated jackets or 3-in-1 jackets are recommended to protect you from cold.

3. Be resistant to stitches and zippers

When you are doing sports, the jacket is not allowed to make you uncomfortable or restrict your movements. On the contrary, it has to be comfortable, flexible, easy and light. The stitches in the area of ​​the axles must be very strong both inside and outside.

Body shapes:

If you learn to choose your winter jacket according to your body shapes , not only will you enjoy the winter without suffering from cold, but you will look impeccable, regardless of climatic conditions. First of all, you need to identify your type of silhouette. After you do that, it will be much easier to choose a winter jacket to make you feel better. The little guide below will help you determine what conformation you have.

The triangle silhouette

The triangle silhouette is characterized by large hips, shoulders and small bust and the protruding posterior. Heads such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes or Jennifer Love-Hewitt have such a silhouette. They know they can put their silhouette in value by putting their small size in value and adding volume to the top of the body. So for such a silhouette, the jackets are recommended in the waist with prominent shoulders. Also, the bulky jackets, which are in vogue this season, are suitable for this type of conformation.

Reverse triangle silhouette

This silhouette involves large, bulky shoulders, a generous chest and a very narrow body of the lower body. Demi Moore, Renee Zellweger and Teri Hatcher are just some of Hollywood stars who have such a silhouette. To make an inverted triangle look like, you might want to draw attention to the waist and hips to balance the silhouette. A fancy winter jacket at the bottom, maybe even with a cut in the bottom of your waist, will look impeccably to you.

Apple Silhouette

Women with a silky type of shoulders have bulky shoulders and generous bust. Eva Longoria, Jennifer Hudson and Drew Barrymore have such a silhouette. A winter jacket with a hat cut will benefit you by masking the parts you do not pride yourself too much on and appreciate your feet.


Winter Coats For Women 2022

Winter Coats For Women 2022

Winter Coats For Women 2022

Winter Coats For Women 2022

Winter Coats For Women 2022

Other things to consider:

  • The material –  from which the hibernate jacket is made is certainly the most important thing to look at when you want to buy a thick jacket. Required, it must be impermeable, is not to get wet with the first contact with a rain that tends to turn into snow and snow.
    Moreover, even snowflakes that melt under certain conditions when you get on your winter jacket should not be a source of moisture that passes through the outer material of the jacket, then by lining and wearing your other clothes with which you dressed underneath.
  • Color – With the cold season, unfortunately, the city not only has less light but also less color. A crossing of pedestrians in a crowded area of ​​the city is enlightening for women’s favorite chromatic during the winter: black, gray and navy are the most common choices. I do not even know if I can call them elections, as long as we think that “black matches anyone” or “gray looks good with anything.” The black does not fit anyone, it is very harsh for the open typologies: blondes, white skin, bright-colored eyes, and gray has many shades: gray, cream, beige, pink, blush, each fitting to a specific color palette.
  • To be resistant to stitches and zippersWhen you do sports, the jacket is not allowed to make you uncomfortable or restrict your movements. On the contrary, it must be comfortable, flexible, light and light. The stitches in the axle area must be very strong both inside and outside. The zips, if they are insulated (galvanized), is even better, but first of all they have to be durable. In the case of winter sports, sudden movements are frequent, so it’s not OK to uncover.
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