You always have to be on trend. So combining sneakers with dresses is a handy solution. In addition, it is very trendy.

Sport shoes are light, comfortable and you don’t even feel like giving them up, do you? Fortunately, there is no need, because now you can include them in your outfits with dresses and skirts. The associations between sports shoes and casual dresses, but even feminine or diaphanous ones, have become very popular in recent years.

We can give up heels and wear the most beautiful dresses with comfortable and practical sneakers. Being fashionable does not mean that you have to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, combination dresses with sneakers is absolutely inspired. Of course, heeled shoes are absolutely extraordinary, but from time to time you can take a break from foot pain and opt for sports shoes. But if you wear sneakers, you don’t have to wear tracksuits or jeans. For example, you have an escape hatch, because you can be feminine and comfortable shoes at the same time. In other words, you can wear dresses and sneakers without committing a fashion crime. Here’s how to match them. A dress serve women so they feel feminine and seductive, and sneakers provide comfort for your feet and back.

We meet women dressed in expensive and refined clothes, but wearing sneakers and not only on the streets or alleys of the city, but also in cafes, museums, cinemas or parks. Fashion is changing and the focus is increasingly on individuality and comfort.

All models appeared on the catwalk in elegant dresses or classic suits and sneakers, even those in wedding outfits. Before long, women all over the world began to imitate this comfortable and unusual style. But as comfortable as it is, it is also capricious. It’s very easy to screw up trying this style. Therefore, today we will learn how to wear such an outfit correctly.

The image should not be complex, because it becomes annoying. The brighter the print, the simpler the sneakers should be. If you absolutely want to wear an expressive and bright outfit, at least make sure it’s monochrome and the sneakers match the shade of the fabric.

Midi dress and low-top sports shoes – You can’t go wrong with such a simple, comfortable, but very interesting outfit. The midi dress in neutral colors fits perfectly with low-cut sports shoes and is the ideal choice for the days when you want to feel extremely comfortable in your skin, but not to compromise in terms of style. You have to keep in mind, however, that midi dresses and skirts do not benefit you if you are petite. It “cuts” your legs visually and makes you look shorter.

Dresses with floral prints and sports shoes – Dresses with floral prints are indispensable in the warm season. But if you want to give your outfits with floral dresses an extra originality, then wear them with sports shoes, whether they are sneakers, sneakers or espadrilles.

Little black dress and sneakers – This classic clothing item that can be found in any woman’s wardrobe, thanks to Coco Chanel, can be successfully worn with a pair of sports shoes! If the style of the dress is not super elegant, you can juggle the color palette of the sneakers. But when dealing with a pretentious black dress, which seems to be made only for high-heeled shoes, turn your attention to a pair of simple, white or black sneakers. In addition, you should know that this type of dress is best suited for slip on sneakers, without laces.

Choose non-standard models in principal, the usual, the common one are not very indicated.

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