Extremely feminine, and special from all points of view, best beach dresses 2022 manages to put you in value regardless of the shape of your body. Important is to be creative enough to imagine the best option for you. First of all, it is vital that the beach dress you wear fits you. We are tempted, when we have not lost the extra pounds, to choose larger models that hide our shapes. Although the beach dress is a generally vaporous item, it takes into account the measure written on the label. Furthermore, we advise you to opt for natural materials that allow the skin to breathe. We don’t think we need to explain why! We don’t even advise you to rely on dark colors. They attract the sun’s rays like a magnet, so you will feel how your beautiful dress turns into a real oven!

In the middle of summer, nothing can be more satisfying than a sea getaway. The salty air, the warmth of the sun and the welcome coolness of the breeze are all you could want when you want to get rid of the monotony of routine. On the way to the beach, you inevitably wonder what outfit to choose. After all, not every pair of pants fits the one piece swimsuit you want to bring to the world. And if you have a two-piece suit and you also need to find a blouse, things get even more complicated. If you want to be careful and not waste time choosing the ideal outfit to wear to the beach, we have prepared a list of dresses that will get you out of any trouble. The dresses below come wonderfully over the swimsuit, regardless of its style. Whether you prefer floral or classic prints, whether you are a fan of one-color pieces or prefer multicolored ones, either you want to show off your feet or you want to protect them from the sun’s rays, there is a dress for every need. yours.

beach dress

Outside temperatures let us know that the summer is approaching fast. We all dream of the sea, the sun, a beach filled with fine sand where we can lie under an umbrella. What can we want more than having a few days of relaxing somewhere near the sea? Choosing a bathing suit is one of the most enjoyable activities because it tells us that the summer break is closer than we would have imagined. Every woman loves to walk through the shops looking for the perfect bathing suit. But alongside a bathing suit we also have to look after the beach dresses. Besides higher protection factor cream, but also the beach slippers, we have to pack at least one such dress. They look truly amazing and gives you a sensual and cool look.

It’s the perfect costume to go to the beach when you want to feel as light as possible. Temperatures in the summer are unbearable, so any minus clothes come to our aid. Already imagine how I walk in a vaporous dress on the seafront and how I feel the sand between my toes. Although I have proposed that this year I will not take anymore, I have already seen some on the internet that has caught my attention and from which I can no longer think.

There are many patterns of beach dresses, from short ones to mesh fabrics or vapors, all available in a variety of colors. All you have to do is find those models that benefit you and that are good for you. We have different personalities, but especially different bodies so we will never have the same tastes and the same size in the clothes.
It is possible that a trendy beach dress this year, does not fit you. Do not panic, there are many other models waiting to be worn. International designers rely on long beach dresses this year. They are extremely sexy, precisely because they leave little to the point. The materials used are the easiest to get over the high temperatures.

Typically, independent women, strong women who have a career in the back choose this model of beach dresses that fits perfectly with the career woman’s typology, the safe woman who knows what she wants and knows that she will turn all her eyes.

Be smart and opt for fluids, natural, vaporous, moving around your body, soft cuts that let the skin breathe. Contrary to the colors and prints of the swimsuit, the beach gown would choose white or pastel colors, subtle, minimalist prints. Of course, the most versatile piece is dressing gown or kimono dress, allowing you to make endless combinations.

The perfect beach dresses

Whatever happens, opt for a light dress that slips easily into the bottom of your suitcase. Above all, avoid fabrics that hold heat, thick fabrics and materials that make you sweat like silk and polyester or that crease easily. Instead, opt for linen, linen jersey, cotton veil, etc.
Although beautiful beach dresses made with the recommended fabric are expensive, you will quickly pay for it because you will need it to go to the beach and the pool. It’s a good investment that can last for years.
The little black dresses that you often buy on a whim can be used as a beach dress. If you don’t have a beach dress, you can always opt for a pareo or a tank top. There are always solutions!

Types of beach dresses:

Vaporous, super-cool Beach Dresses

The benefits of such a dress are multiple. Think first of all how easy you will feel in such a vaporous, sleek dress with joyful and colorful prints, fit to any size, whether it is of maxi size or its length does not exceed its knees. You will feel very good and surely you will like the quiet wind to soften your body. Put a pair of flip flops, grab your hair in a woven tail and you’re ready to conquer the waves. 

beach dress

Kimono Beach Dress

The kimono dress is made of satin fabric, trapped in the waist and split into pieces. For sure will accompany you to the beach with great success. The detail that you will notice is certainly the Asian accent of the print, the presence of specific color combinations. Although it may seem versatile, it has a simple style and can have a strap in the waist so as to keep a bohemian air. There are several variants, midi or mini, and the mini can match it even with a pair of shorts. Gowns should be light, not feel embarrassed.

kimono beach dress
beach dresses

Crochet Beach Dress

If your grandmother has time to crochet, you must make such a dress. Simple, thin, light and extremely interesting colors are more than the ideal beach option. Light and easy to match, with thin or thick straps, even with ethno influences, such a piece of clothing matched to a pair of light sandals is only good for a walk on the cliff.

crochet beach dress
crochet beach dresses

Strips Beach Dress

Marine print is one of the designer’s favorite prints, especially as it fits with the catamarans that pass through the blue-eyed windmills. The stripes can have any colors, but the blue and the blue ones are never demodulated, and the material from which the dress is made can even be in. Choose to protect your hair with a white, oversized hat and make “waves” on the beach.

beach dresses
beach dress

Butterfly Beach Dress

From silk most of the time, usually with an elastic belt around the waist, can protect you from the sun’s rays and, in addition, could be an accessory that any woman should have in your wardrobe. With straps, with or without a sleeve, with a mellow or neckline style, this dresses are a must-have on your summer vacation when you go to the beach or walk on the fine.

beach dress
Beach Dresses 2022

TIPS – how to choose a beach dress

# The beach dress is featherweight

It must be able to be held in one hand if it is rolled. So slip into the bottom of a shopping bag. And of course, no way that it will keep you warm.

NO -> excessively thick fabrics (fleece, coarse cotton), materials that cause perspiration (acrylic, polyester, silk) or that crumple after two minutes (viscose, Tencel, linen, etc.)

YES -> cotton veil, English embroidery, stonewashed linen, linen jersey…

# The beach dress hides what we want to camouflage and highlights what we want to show

NO -> the dress with thin straps if you have shoulders or if you don’t like your arms, the short dress if you hate your thighs, the straight dress below the knee if you are small etc.

YES -> the bohemian dress which hides the belly, but reveals a beautiful neckline, the long caftan widely open on the sides which does not show the thighs, but does not make “bag”, the long strapless dress which makes pretty shoulders, the dress short with small scalloped sleeves if you are proud of your legs and less of your arms.

# The beach dress is sexy but not vulgar

NO -> cuts close to the body with lycra (gloups) … in addition, it is bulky

YES -> the transparent dress (at the beach, you can) loose or long

Choosing a beach dress according to your figure – Wherever you are, the main task of any beachwear is to cover up the flaws, to highlight the strong parts of the figure that each girl has. You need to start by evaluating your data so that you can enjoy not only yourself but also those around you. There are few clothes on the beach, so they should cover what you don’t want to show. And for that you need to approach the choice of clothing correctly and responsibly, demonstrating only the benefits. If the girl is thin and has no problems with the figure, then you can choose styles that are exposed to the maximum. You can choose sundresses where the back will open, you can pick up a piece of fabric or just short T-shirt dresses. Dresses like a shirt will look great where you can fasten with a single button, which is at the top. In this case, if the girl does not have problems, for example, with her legs, but at the same time wants to cover her belly and her waist is not very good, then you can choose short dresses that are cut or in the shape of the letter A. Be a model in which there is a high waist as well as curtains. If you wisely choose the right outfit for you, you can be sure that you will become the most beautiful on the beach. If you have thick hands, then it is better to approach carefully those models that have a wide sleeve or a bow. Square tunics will become reliable helpers in this matter. If you have a weakness for edges, waves, anchors, then you should be careful, because such a decoration for ladies with thick hands will not be very suitable. But without decorations, it is not very nice, so a little lace or embroidery will not spoil.

Beach dresses make you feminine

The beach dresses in the veil make you float – Going to the beach on vacation has been planned for a long time, so almost everything has to be set up when the hottest days of the year are. In order to feel beautiful and relaxing at the beach, you must have prepared the beach dresses that will make you happy. Being made of a thin material, the veil dresses will not warm you and will give you a feminine and playful look.

Lace beach dresses – Also for a feminine look when you go to the beach you have handy lace beach dresses. They are the favorites of many women because most models of this type beautifully highlight the waist.A lighter model of lace beach dress will let your skin breathe on days with too much sun, and the light colors are wonderful to drive away the burning rays that follow you on the way to the beach. But make sure you don’t spend too much time in the sun when wearing a lace dress. There are chances to tan unevenly, with a pattern that you will not be able to get rid of very quickly. Being popular in many seasons, lace dresses can be found in physical stores and online at discounts, so you can wear them especially in summer when the biggest discounts on clothes take place!

Long beach dresses lengthen your body – A woman’s femininity is created from many things, one of them is the physical appearance. The clothes you wear can help you highlight your body and express femininity in a discreet way. Long beach dresses are an outfit for going to the beach, but they will not only help you feel cool but also feminine! A long beach dress will make you not feel so hot in the summer, it will be a good ally in the evening when the temperature is lower, and your body will get an elongation that you feel the need, especially if you are petite. The multiple roles of the long beach dress are just extra reasons to have it in your wardrobe.

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