Warm weather has arrived, we all are happy for that, but along with it, the need to wear sunglasses arrived too.

I don’t know if you knew but summer is the most dangerous season for your eye health. The solar radiations are at maximum intensity during this period and can harm a lot your eyes. Specialists are saying that the sun is having during the spring and summer 3 times more ultraviolet radiations than during the cold season.
The summer is the most indicated period of the whole year when is mandatory to wear this accessory. It is known that most people are wearing sunglasses during the cold season only for aesthetic aspects. Well, it’s important to understand that for our eye health it’s indicated to wear sunglasses all the time we need them, no matter the season. Along with the fact that you will look cool and stylish, they protect your eyes.

I’ve grouped 7 reasons for which it’s mandatory to wear sunglasses:

1. you prevent the early appearance of wrinkles – they will help you to look correct at things without keeping your eyes half closed so expression wrinkles around your eyes will delay a lot to appear
2. you keep your eye health – glaucoma and cataract are only  a few of the biggest when exposing your eyes to sunlight without wearing protection
3. avoid skin and eyelid cancer – I don’t think I have to insist here with explanations
4. avoid cataract – since UV excess exposure due to no protection of your eyes leads to this illness. This extremely serious damage to your eyes can be easily avoided. So, because we can’t escape from the UV exposure, we can protect us with a pair of sunglasses
5. because it helps you look trendy and completes your outfit
6. because they are very cool
7. using them it will be more easy for you to get used in dark situations
8. because they are versatile, yes, they are an accessory which can be used at any outfit

In conclusion, I would like to insist on a very important aspect related to the quality of sunglasses. There is a major risk when you buy a cheap pair of sunglasses without or with weak ultraviolet protection. Wearing them the light which reaches your eyes is less like if you wouldn’t wear them so your iris will open more than without them. This means that the sunglasses without or with weak UV protection allows the radiations to enter your eyes even more if you wouldn’t wear them! You will have less wrinkles but damaged eyes so you must be careful about this aspect.

For people who do not wear eyeglasses, the only criterion by which they can choose the sunglasses is the quality, or clarity. When she put her sunglasses, that person must see as well with them as without them. If the view is poor, it means that those sunglasses lens quality is questionable.
Because UV rays can be reflected from the side of the glasses, it is advisable that their arm is as wide, because ultraviolet does not enter the eye.

Sunglasses are unquestionably a necessity. But if you choose to wear something and have to care for them properly.
Here are three golden rules you have to follow:
– Use original frame glasses!
– Do not wear glasses that you love them when doing various chores around the house
– Do your daily ritual care to avoid appearances dirty or fogged lenses

So to summarize the article we can say that wearing sunglasses, especially in summer, is required. For a long time, no longer considered a mere accessory. It acts as a protective screen against sunlight.
Not wearing sunglasses in order to save money, or hoping that the sun will not affect you is a mistake. Even if the negative effects are not seen on any day they may get worse over the years.

Improve visibility on a bright day, making it easier to see when driving or participating in outdoor activities

Driving or participating in outdoor activities on a bright day can prove to be quite challenging. The glare from the sun can significantly reduce visibility, making it difficult to see the road, obstacles, or even other people. This can not only be frustrating but also quite dangerous. Thankfully, there are several ways to improve visibility on a bright day. Some people prefer using polarized sunglasses, which reduce glare by filtering out specific wavelengths of light. Others use tinted visors or shields for their helmets or vehicles. Another useful tip is to orient yourself such that the sun is behind you and not in your line of vision. By following these tips, you can make sure that you see clearly on a bright day, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Here are some common questions related to the reasons to wear sunglasses:

Question: The ones who wear contact lenses still have to wear sunglasses?
Answer: Of course they have to. If they are regular lenses, they don’t offer any UV protection. There are indeed some special lenses, obvious more expensive, which have UV protection so only when wearing those you can skip the sunglasses.

Question: Sunglasses are good for solar eclipses?
Answer: No, you need special devices for watching solar eclipses so wearing only sunglasses is not enough and you will certainly damage your eyes very bad.

Question: Kids should also wear sunglasses?
Answer: Of course, kids should also wear sunglasses because they are exposed to the same risks as adults are, if not even more.

Question: Eyes can be damaged by the light reflected by the snow?
Answer: Certainly, actually they can be damaged very badly. Sunglasses reduces glare and protect your eyes.

Did you know?
Polar bears are endowed with natural sunglasses, it is a thin membrane that protects the retina by intense sunlight reflected from snow.

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