Most women are looking for fashion tips to make them look thinner, but let’s not forget that there are also women who would like to disguise a much too slender figure. How to dress if you are too thin? If you are very thin, it is important to choose clothes that create the feeling of volume. Slim-fitting clothes do not really benefit thin women, because they highlight even more the slender figure.

In fact, all women dream to be skinny, whether they admit it or not. Sometimes, though, if you’re too skinny, you need to know how to adapt your look to that. Many clothes look perfect on poor silhouettes, but others should be avoided. If you are skinny, you most likely lack your shapes, so you need clothes to give you volume. For example, peplum charts and gowns will beautify your body. With regard to your pants, the evaded should not miss you in the wardrobe, but the skinny ones will look as good. Be careful, however, to wear a top that gives you the top volume. One of the biggest mistakes women make is to wear large clothes. Large clothes only make a “plaid” silhouette more accentuated.

Accessories also have their importance. Belts should be your favorite accessories. Both thin and thick will give the impression of a silhouette of shapes, if you wear them tight dresses or light blouses, because you will highlight your thin waist.

Layering is also amazing because it helps you a lot, especially if you want to create the impression of volume on your upper body part. For example try to wear blazers, they are looking great.

If you are too skinny, you will not look good at wide clothing or a little larger than your size. Always make sure to choose the pieces of clothing that fit perfectly.
Avoid dresses and skirts too worn because they will make your feet look very weak. Instead, choose molded patterns that will make your silhouette highlighted.
Pants and high waisted skirts are suited to your figure because it adds volume to your hips. If you do not have shapes, avoid the decolleted and non-strapped tops that could draw attention to the very weak shoulders.

It is recommended that women with a slim figure opt for clothes that offer size. Straight and steamy dresses are suitable for any occasion, and skinny women can easily adopt them. If your legs are too thin, wear a maxi dress or skirt. The ideal materials to be worn by very thin women are those that help shape the shapes, but which are not rigid at all. You can choose to wear lace or applique garments, or even wool garments. Another thing that will help you is to wear clothes in several layers. Cardigans are ideal for any season and, because spring is very unpredictable, opt for a leather jacket.

A white camouflage shirt with a large geometric print paired with a pair of wide, flared jeans with flared tops, close to a skirt or a Marlene Dietrich trousers is a successful outfit for a skinny woman. Such an outfit can consist of a blouse or a shirt with drapes, regular sleeves and a pencil skirt with large prints or decorative details in the hip area or slim pants, all covered with a straight jacket inspired by men until at the waist if you are short and up to mid-hip if you are tall. Never wear a very low-cut blouse or corset dresses, because they do not benefit you, they highlight the collarbones, and the neck looks very long. You can wear clothes in cuts that give volume and from thin, soft and vaporous materials. Try pairing a pair of jeans with a silk blouse or a satin skirt with a simple cotton t-shirt. Avoid V-necklines that are too deep, skirts that are too short and wide, as well as T-shirts with very thin straps, which will only accentuate your bony figure. For women who are too thin, the babydoll dress is not recommended. The cut of the high-waisted trousers as well as the skirts creates the impression of lengthening the waist and does not benefit you. Since you can’t put on weight, then we use clothing tricks that give the impression of more volume from an optical point of view. The knees, elbows, long neck, pelvis and bony shoulders are the areas of the body that give the impression of asceticism, but once masked, you will metamorphose into a balanced, normal figure. You can confidently wear the following:

💖 Overlays – a white T-shirt with a fluffy cardigan over it, with large plaids and pockets, and above them a thick, sticky fabric coat with straight cuts.

💖 Light colors and a lot of white – if you associate them with overlays, drapes and pleats, you will get volume in problem areas;

💖 Large prints – on dresses or pants, give the impression of thickening;

💖 Steering wheels, rods – in too bony areas (pelvis, hips);

💖 Applied pockets – to cover the missing bomb, to create volume in the hip area (if we are talking about jackets, coats).

💖 Draperies, pleats – for dresses and skirts in A, for blouses;

💖 Skirts below the knee bone, in the form of tulips and bells (even exaggerated), trouser skirts;

💖 Asymmetries – like illusionists, draw the viewer’s eyes to the surprising cut and then to the body.


Of course, among with all tips we manage to give you, it is important that you to feel great in your outfit.

How To dress If You Are Skinny
How To dress If You Are Skinny
How To dress If You Are Skinny
How To dress If You Are Skinny
How To dress If You Are Skinny

Fashion is for all body shapes, and every woman has the right to dress fashionably. Fashion is about figuring out what style suits you best, instead of worrying about what your partner, family or friends, or even what the world says. Basically, dressing with confidence is more than wearing the latest fashion trends, or wearing what designers say suits your body, it’s about feeling good about what you wear, looking for a balanced look and the feeling of self-confidence in all situations.

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