In fact, all women dream to be skinny, whether they admit it or not. Sometimes, though, if you’re too skinny, you need to know how to adapt your look to that. Many clothes look perfect on poor silhouettes, but others should be avoided. If you are skinny, you most likely lack your shapes, so you need clothes to give you volume. For example, peplum charts and gowns will beautify your body. With regard to your pants, the evaded should not miss you in the wardrobe, but the skinny ones will look as good. Be careful, however, to wear a top that gives you the top volume. One of the biggest mistakes women make is to wear large clothes. Large clothes only make a “plaid” silhouette more accentuated.

2018 how to dress if you are skinny

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Accessories also have their importance. Belts should be your favorite accessories. Both thin and thick will give the impression of a silhouette of shapes, if you wear them tight dresses or light blouses, because you will highlight your thin waist.

Layering is also amazing because it helps you a lot, especially if you want to create the impression of volume on your upper body part. For example try to wear blazers, they are looking great.

2018 best casual blazer

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If you are too skinny, you will not look good at wide clothing or a little larger than your size. Always make sure to choose the pieces of clothing that fit perfectly.
Avoid dresses and skirts too worn because they will make your feet look very weak. Instead, choose molded patterns that will make your silhouette highlighted.
Pants and high waisted skirts are suited to your figure because it adds volume to your hips. If you do not have shapes, avoid the decolleted and non-strapped tops that could draw attention to the very weak shoulders.

Of course, among with all tips we manage to give you, it is important that you to feel great in your outfit.

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