FALL/WINTER perfumes for women

Perfume is essential for a lady, regardless of age, social class, activity, perfume and dress really defines a woman. If a woman chooses a quality perfume that fits solved half way is perceived.
Renews this fall with new perfume. Or buy one already appeared in the market, a classic “weight” that give the “weight” of your personality. Quit intense flavors and warm summer. This fall is filled with perfume new limited editions.

Do not necessarily looking for best selling women’s perfume, it’s hard to appreciate that, in fact that’s not really your goal, it’s not important who’s bestselling important is that fragrance fit you best.

To you easier, we make a selection of 10 best perfumes that come directly to keep season autumn / winter warmer. Floral notes and warm this winter will wrap with a blanket of delicious flavors and inviting.

We’ll start our top, I’m sure you will find your favorite perfume …

10. Guerlain Le Petit Robe noir is a sweet fragrance for young and romantic women. Roses penetrate the glamorous and elegant fragrance. A fragrance that dress in a note youthful and full of magnetism.

9. Tous Touch by Tous – A woman dressed sexy perfume is based floral notes, very smooth and pleasant to smell.

8. The Roberto Cavalli woman – is an incredible fragrance, really stunning with incredible flavors of Pink Peppercorn, Orange Flower Absolute, Mirabelle Plum, not only exude sensuality and eroticism.

7. Kenzo – flower tag – Are you free? You feel free, you do not care what others think, you characterize nonconformity tasteful? For women who do not care about convention and maintain a hippie spirit. Gardenia, vanilla and grapefruit aroma combine to convince this smell.

6.Night of Fancy Perfume by Anna Sui – An incredible perfume in a fantastic presentation, we have a fragrance with notes of cranberry and grapefruit, wild strawberry and jasmine. It is a youthful scent that is strong on first application, but it becomes a delicious blueberry scent.

5.Mitsouko By Guerlain For Women – Refreshing fragrance has top notes and oak moss under. But he also note a juicy peach, which gives clear and pretty tone foodie. It features bergamot, peach, jasmine, rose, spices (cinnamon), oak moss, vetiver and wood. The fragrance is exuberant, unusual and elegant, not too sweet nor heavy, is well balanced. The result is top for years and continues to be a benchmark for women even in cold weather.

4. Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein – Secret Obsession by Calvin Kleint is an intense floral-oriental fragrance. Between love and madness is the secret of this intoxicating scent, with complex blend of exotic plum, mace, rose, jasmine, Egyptian, orange blossom, orchid, ylang, tuberose, Moroccan cedarwood, wormwood, woods, cashmere, amber, vanilla, Australian sandalwood, orris.

3. Infusion D’iris by Prada – It is oriental-woody fragrance. The name of this fragrance was inspired by the old method of producing iris extract which took six months of soaking until the notes sweet and fresh as they were extracted.

2. Shalimar by Guerlain was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925, as a tribute to the legendary love story between Emperor Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Shalimar is one of the best selling perfumes ever and its magic is undeniable. Perfume is composed of citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam and gray amber.

1.No. 5 by Chanel. Created by the design house of Chanel in 1921, Chanel No.5 perfume is classified as a refined, light and floral. This essentially feminine flower has a mixture of modern and balanced notes. This perfume was and remains a leader in everything that a perfume for women, is still a masterpiece for the senses. They say No.5 is sold every 30 seconds around the world and it’s no surprise what this fragrance exudes class and style.

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