After 50 years, the woman gradually gets to the stage where the wardrobe has to be formed with great care. An elderly lady must be stylish, stylish and full of femininity. The basic wardrobe at this age should include clothing that combines easily with each other or can be complemented with some tastefully selected accessories.

Although even after 50 years, we want to look good and stylish, yet we must remember that the condition of the skin suggests hiding parts of the body. So here a few tips:

  • Hide a little bit hands and area of ​​the neckline. Despite the multitude of creams, masks and other cosmetic procedures, at a certain age the skin on the chest, shoulders and hands no longer have the beauty of the past. If you do not want to hide these areas completely, it would be advisable to cover them with a lace or semi-transparent material.
  • Also take care of the feet. Generally legs should not be hidden, especially during the summer. But it is necessary to follow some rules and recommendations: The minimum length of the skirt must be up to the knee. Put on dense cloth. Avoid skirts too big.

The basic wardrobe depends on the lady’s occupation. Involvement in the business environment implies a rather strict classical style. In other cases the wardrobe may be more free.

1. Jeans

Both in the warm season and in the cold season you should have two pairs of jeans. A dark-colored pair, another lighter.

2. T-shirts

You should also have at least 2 shirts, one open and the other closed. It is important that they are monotonous or with a modest print.

3. Blouses

Make room for 2 or 3 shades of open and closed shades. Depending on your silhouette, opt for looser or tighter blouses on your body. Avoid white and black colors for blouses even if you are a teacher, prefer pastel colors.

4. Dress

The optimal length is with a knee below knee. The dress is suitable in any situation: service, feast, picnic. Choose the erased colors: gray, blue, black, combining the dress with open shades.

5. Skirts

In the base wardrobe you should have at least 2 dark skirts. A classic one, for festive occasions and more special occasions, and another with a more varied design that you can wear on occasional occasions.

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