If once wearing cloth running shoes, today we have the chance to enjoy performance sports shoes. Today’s running shoes are much better in many ways.

First of all, it has a much more durable resistance, it protects your foot much better and, last but not least, it is extremely comfortable.
The only negative aspect someone might have when it comes to today’s running shoes is the fact that they are much better and more complicated than they are.
Today, if you go to a specialist store, there are a number of models of running shoes available to you. Some more distinct than others, both in terms of functionality and design.
This is why when you want to buy a pair of running shoes, this task is often very difficult.

First of all, choose to invest in a pair of good running sports shoes!

Although it seems slightly useless, perhaps it is certainly the best and most important advice we can offer when you make the decision to dedicate yourself to the running.
Regardless of the fact that you are a beginner or experienced runner, you need the best protection that a pair of sporty running shoes can give you.
Let me tell you the benefits of choosing a pair of good sports shoes. First, it gives you a very effective shock absorption, helps control movement and at the same time guarantees flexibility and durability. This avoids the risk of getting injured and experiencing pains in the muscles and / or joints. The price, even if it may seem absurd, shows which running shoes are quality and not. Under no circumstances will you find a quality pair with a price less than $ 70, regardless of manufacturer.

You need to understand how the pronate works

Running is a very complex biomechanical process, is not it? When we run, the first time we touch the ground with the outside of the heel. Once you have touched the whole floor soles, your foot moves in rotation, inwardly. Finally, the foot’s foot rises from the ground and pushes into the avant-heel. This phenomenon of rotating the foot inwards and backwards, at the touch of the ground is what we call pronation and it is a process that is found in every man, but differently – so we have insufficient pronation, when the foot does not move in rotation, we have a pronation exaggerated.
You need to know these aspects of the way you walk and walk, so you can know, with the help of a professional, the pair of running shoes that suits you. Only then can you avoid unpleasant situations, injuries and any other complications.

Always take into account your foot type

Now that I briefly explained to you how the prophecy works, let me tell you how you realize what kind of pronation you have – normal, exaggerated or insufficient.

To determine the pronation type, you need to measure your spring height or planting bolts. That’s because the bow is responsible for the way your foot works when you run.

Those with a flat leg have an excessive throat, those with a high arc tend to make insufficient pronation movement.

Of course, studies were conducted, which concluded that 50% of the runners had normal springs and 25% had high springs, while the remaining 25% had low springs. To measure the height of your arc, it’s easiest to perform the moisture test. For the moisture test, you must wet your naked foot and leave a trace on a flat, dry surface. Let me tell you how you interpret the results.
If the foot left by your foot is full and wide without making a bow, then you have a narrow and flat bow leg.
Instead, if the track has a moderate curve, and the bow rises from the ground, then you have a normal bow.
If your left foot is very thin and curved, revealing more of your heel than from the middle of your foot, that means you have a high bow.
For each of the above detailed cases, pronations are as follows:

– A flat leg implies an exaggerated pronation.
– A normal leg implies a normal pronation movement.
– A high-heeled leg involves an insufficient pronation movement.

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