Once a forbidden combination, yes indeed, because it was associated with out of style and student look. Now it is in vogue, and moreover it is very stylish.

When you see someone in this outfit it is obvious that they refuse to go to work in uncomfortable clothes, however, many do not understand what it is, so I decided to bring some clarification on this outfit.

I like this outfit, even if others do not like it, considering the wearing of the costume suit is a mistake in style because many do not know how to wear the sneakers at the costume.

I do not like men dressed in the picture next to them because the chosen sports shoes spoil their outfit. You cannot figure out if they came from the room or if they’re still in the hall. Did you end up doing business with someone dressed in suit and sneakers? Not everything depends on the attitude and the way you feel when you wear such a thing. You create your attitude yourself, I want you to write about the second part, the matching.
The sneakers matched to suit will transform the formal outfit into casual wear. Do you think they can wear a wedding, an interview, or other event where formal dressing is compulsory? He is not dealing with such events. They are excellent for a city break, club, or why not, for an encounter with the opposite sex. This trend was born out of several influences: comfort and unimaginative Bohemia.

For the correct matching of sneakers to the suit you must understand the golden rule that they should not be seen as a pair of sneakers. Besides this rule, you should also be able to match the pants and pants. That means you have to apply the same discretion as matching your shoes to your belt. Black sneakers – black suit, brown sneakers – brown suit. Brown shoes are not recommended for dark gray pants but go with light gray pants.

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