Fashion – Depends Of Personal Style

Fashion is a matter of taste and style, and this applies to men. To attract attention a man is enough to wear a pair of trendy jeans, a modern shirt with or without sleeves, or a wide shirt and already has a casual look. In addition, she can choose a few suitable accessories, such as leather bracelets around the arm and her outfit becomes even more attractive, has a particularly masculine allure.

Denim Rules

When it comes to fashionable clothes, men are quite demanding. Of all the product range, jeans are definitely the favorite clothing items, especially because they are cool, durable (made from durable cotton material) and comfortable to wear. According to surveys conducted in recent years, about 80% of men prefer jeans especially. Jeans occupy an honorable place in the collections of fashion houses and are bought by men of all ages, from all over the world. An interesting thing about men is that they don’t know which model to choose and which one they buy more, so a few pairs of jeans are gathered in their wardrobe. What jeans are you wearing this year? The designers recommend the men of the Slim jeans especially if they have a beautiful conformation, if they are tall and thin. Skinny jeans that emphasize the shape of your feet and fit perfectly with sports shoes that are slightly taller or with leather ankle boots that cover the ankle. Jeans that have a fairly narrow bottom can be worn in boots, so that the legs look stronger. For men who have a few extra kilos, classic jeans are indicated in dark colors, because they thin the legs. Jeans that are more open in the thigh area create the feeling of thicker legs. For those with slim legs, jeans from thicker cotton fabric are recommended.

Leather Jacket

In order to stay cool and modern, the leather jacket does not have to lack a wardrobe. This is a nice, very versatile statement that can be integrated into many spring or writing outfits. When it comes to choosing or pleasing, it is important to consider quality and construction. In this sense, leather jackets with a simple yet modern tailoring will allow you to look perfect and make a good impression, no matter when you choose to wear it. For a casual look, with vintage influences, you can opt for a brown jacket, skincare fits best or pair of jeans. For business, you can choose or black jacket to match the white shirt, with tie and elegant pants.

Colored Shirts

Every man has at least 2-3 shirts in the closet, regardless of color or pattern. Being one of the most versatile garments you can wear, shirts are suitable for both casual and elegant, formal attire. In addition to white or black shirts, for the spring-summer season you can wear colored shirts, which bring a special note to each outfit. Even if these colorful or printed patterns are not the most recommended at the office, you can wear them for an evening out on the town, with friends, or at a cocktail party. Pair them with a pair of simple jeans and sneakers that will surely stand out.

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