Face the hot summer days in shorts! Officially, we were taken “by surprise” by the heat and as if nothing we have in the wardrobe can not save us from boredom. Think again. Shorts are an intelligent investment if you know how to choose them to fit your silhouette.
No matter how much you want to ignore it, you can not. The shape of your body is an important criterion when you buy clothes and the ideal would be to consider it. If you still do not know what kind of shorts are suitable for your silhouette, just browse our little helper guide.
Almost all top designers included shorts in their collections, from Saint Laurent’s leather shorts to those in silk for running in the Louis Vuitton collection.

Tips for looking good in shorts:

1. The decree to benefit from the visual stretching effect on the legs provided by shorts is to match them with the right shoes. Shoes or sandals should not exceed the ankle, because they will visually cut the length of their legs. Avoid wearing them with boots or boots to your ankles.

2. To look impeccable when you can shorts, it’s essential to maintain a balance. It’s not a good idea to wear them with a top notch or a very short one. Associate them, instead, with shirts, shirts or blouses that give you extra style.

3. Shorts in trends for this season are especially those with a slight cut. Therefore, it is preferable to wear them with slim-type tops that highlight your shapes. Oversized sweaters, wide jerseys or shirts do not fit too well because it adds too much volume.

4. Very short, intense cuts or heavily fringed areas are more suited to the beach than for a day care. Do not wear them on the street because you risk having an indecent look.

Shorts are a must-have for any summer woman, but the fact that it leaves plenty of skin look makes it more difficult to wear. Moreover, the inappropriate length of the short trousers can turn a potential outfit into a disaster.

The first things a woman needs to keep in mind when choosing a pair of shorts is their length and cut. It should never be too short and never perfectly molded, even if the woman is pulled through the ring. The short molded trousers offer an inexpensive, lightweight and tasteless air. For this reason, short pants should always be slightly wide, allowing the woman to move freely, without making or pulling the pullover.

Also, if the woman is more full, so she has a few extra pounds, the hem of her shorts should never be straightened on her leg. Between the trousers and the pulp should be a distance of four to five fingers if they are short, only if they are up to their knees can be slightly more crowded but not very!

Ideal is to test several short pants to identify the cuts and, especially, the right length. A woman can easily figure out which length of time she suits: any pair of shorts she chooses to try, to dress them gently, letting them slide up and look carefully in the mirror at which point the leg looks better, the pulp is the best.

Be careful with shorts that end in a palm over your knees. Just like in skirts or dresses, any dress article that comes to a palm over knee is good to wear only by weak women who have beautiful knees. Otherwise, the appearance may be devastating.

Shorts for minions
If you are a miniature, it is good to know that the most shorts are of the highest size, as they give you the feeling that you have longer legs and a slender silhouette. Do not impede anyone to choose shorts with a palm over their knee, but they will cut off the length of their legs.

Shorts for women with belly
If you choose the right clothes, you can be sexy even if you have a silhouette of apple. Can you find yourself in the description? Then we recommend wearing this slightly wider shorts, which does not follow the foot line in the summer. They give up prints as they tend to attract attention in the hip and thigh area. Choose trouser waistband waistband.

Shorts for women with long legs
Long legs are the dream of any woman, but sometimes finding the right clothes can be cumbersome. If you are looking for a pair of shorts, we suggest that you focus on those who have the hem, the cut or the pockets in sight. These details help you highlight beautiful legs and rectangular silhouette.

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