Women’s sunglasses 2015

Our eyes are just as vulnerable to sunshine as other parts of the body, which protect various lotions. Recent studies by US researchers have shown that prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to an increased risk of cataracts – the most important cause of blindness.

While, if you wear sunglasses whenever we leave the house, minimizing risks to which we expose eyes. Seeing children who are at strong sun without any protection is the most compromised. Their eyes are more sensitive so, in this respect they must wear sunglasses from an early age.

Do not forget then, that if the sun is strong enough to burn skin, it will be hard enough to damage the eyes. Glasses necessarily behave when we go skiing or fishing, because the light reflected from snow or water can increase the amount of UV radiation that can compromise our eyes.

Here are some interesting models of sunglasses for 2015:

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