Choosing a right outfit for the cold season isn’t just a matter of style but a health issue too. We have to protect us from cold as well as we can and, if the winter coat is chic too, then even better.

winter coat for women 2014-2015

womens winter coat 2014-2015

winter coats for ladies 2017-2018

The first thing you have to bear in mind when you go to buy a winter jacket is the place you’ll wear it. Once you’ve decided this (a more elegant outfit for office and a looser one for casual events) you can release you creativity.

Winter coats for office jobs:

womens winter coat for office 2017-2018

office winter coat for women 2017-2018

Winter coats for a sporty life style:

ladies winter coat 2017-2018

ladies coat for winter 2017-2018

Here are some tips to have in mind when you decide to buy a winter coat:
– A winter coat should be a long term investment so choose wise and you would be able to wear it next year too
– Be careful about the size, don’t buy a very fit one so you will be able to wear a sweater under it
– The winter coat should be chic but it has to protect you from cold too, bear in mind that
It’s true that the fashion world is in a permanent change. Still, you can notice that some things never go out of style. Keep that in mind.

The pear silhouette is characterized by large hips, shoulders and small bust and the protruding posterior. Heads such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes or Jennifer Love-Hewitt have such a silhouette. They know they can put their silhouette in value by putting their small size in value and adding volume to the top of the body.

So for such a silhouette, the jackets are recommended in the waist with prominent shoulders. Also, the bulky jackets, which are in vogue this season, are suitable for this type of conformation.
Reverse triangle silhouette

This silhouette involves large, bulky shoulders, a generous chest and a very narrow body of the lower body. Demi Moore, Renee Zellweger and Teri Hatcher are just some of Hollywood stars who have such a silhouette. To make an inverted triangle look like, you might want to draw attention to waist and hips to balance the silhouette.

A fancy winter jacket at the bottom, maybe even with a cut in the bottom of your waist, will look impeccably in your hand.
Silhouette mar

Women with a silky type of shoulders have bulky shoulders and generous bust. Eva Longoria, Jennifer Hudson and Drew Barrymore have such a silhouette.

A winter jacket with a hat cut will benefit you by masking the parts that you do not pride yourself too much and appreciate your legs.

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