Shorts For Women – Perfect for Summer

The high temperatures are a serious reason to move towards an extremely light and comfortable outfit. Shorts For Women are an extraordinary option. However, as much as we like, how difficult it is to wear them in dry clothes, without showing that we spent the whole day lazing in the park. The real challenge is to wear them in glam outfits or at the office, but we’re here to ease your work.

To enjoy the summer in complete relaxation, shorts are the essential piece to have in your wardrobe. When the heat rises, what a joy to be able to discover your legs and take advantage of the sun’s rays …
Knowing your morphology is essential to avoid making a faux-pas fashion and to be the most beautiful this summer to enjoy a vacation without complexes. Women who are rather round, luscious, with plump buttocks and voluptuous thighs will prefer to turn in priority to models sporting high sizes which advantageously redraw the silhouette by marking the size well.

Interesting Combination

Here are some interesting combo for summershorts:

– You can go in one color, pastel, for both shorts and jacket or top;
– You can go on a single print, both for pants and jacket, the most popular being the tiles or the stripes;
 – You can even dare a striped shirt combination with high waisted shorts, but not necessarily with a pair of high boots and an assorted purse, for a slightly more western tone;
 – You can opt for an all black look, combining black leather pants with a molded black top;
 – You can opt for an all white look but with rock accents, combining a pair of white denim shorts and a wide, black belt with a semi-transparent white lace blouse;
– You can opt for a blue look, in accordance with most denim shades, combining your favorite pair of denim shorts, even with the desired hem, with a pastel blue shirt, possibly with some floral prints on it;
 – You can playfully combine a pair of denim shorts with the finished hem (for a more structured look) and a blouse with ruffles or puffed sleeves.

Rules To Keep In Mind When Wearing Shorts And Heels

The shorter the pants, the lower the heel. That is the most important aspect which you should remember. Otherwise, the outfit might seem vulgar. Pants that have a masculine fit best fit with platform shoes. It gives you stability and gives a feminine touch to your outfit. When wearing shorts and heels, avoid over-the-top or too-soft tops. Opt for a white shirt, a simple T-shirt and a jacket or an oversized blouse. Shorts can be worn with heeled shoes, but such a combination is more appropriate when going out with friends. For the office, wear them with gladiator sandals, platforms, ballerinas or Oxford shoes.

To take advantage of the relaxed summer, shorts are the essential piece to have in your wardrobe. When the heat rises, what a joy to be able to discover your legs and take advantage of the sun’s rays …

Knowing your body shape is essential not to make a fashion faux-pas and be the most beautiful this summer to enjoy a vacation without complexes.

Women who are rather plump, plump, with plump buttocks and voluptuous thighs will prefer to turn first to models sporting high waists which advantageously redraw the silhouette by marking the waist well.

The small ones will absolutely have to avoid the wide cuts and the long models such as the Bermuda shorts to go in priority towards very short models which will highlight their legs. Do not hesitate in this case to match the shorts with pretty heels.

Athletes with muscular legs can feminize their silhouettes by wearing their shorts with a fitted jacket or top and accessorizing as much as possible.

If the denim shorts, or in the flashy exotic print, are reserved for use at the beach or at home at the weekend, some more structured models will go perfectly with a small T-shirt and a pair of sandals, for use in professional and daily life.

Women’s Long Shorts 2021

2021 business style long shorts are also known as Bermuda shorts. Cotton and tweed are the most commonly used materials for these models.
Since the style was originally created for strict style clothing combinations, the length of the shorts is slightly above the knee.
The color options are left entirely to your own consideration. Taking into account your own tastes and preferences, you can freely choose the color combination with which you are most comfortable.


Panties have found their respectful place in the ranking of women’s summer shorts 2021. Due to the popularity of pants, having the same name, panties are better known to the public. Therefore, the latest fashion trends from fashion designers 2021 have adapted them to current trends.
Frankly, the cut of these women’s shorts 2021 is suitable for any type of body. As the fitting is loose and flared, it hides all the imperfections and seems to suit everyone.

Denim Shorts

Denim is a totally different category in all rankings for all garments. It sounds like we say it every year, but denim is the most relevant material for the 2021 fashion trends season. Denim shorts for women 2021 have become an integral part of the feminine wardrobe around the world. Denim shorts for women 2021 are amazing pieces.

Shorts Suitable For Your Figure

The rising temperatures in thermometers make you want to wear shorts, but do you have certain complexes and you don’t feel comfortable when you wear this piece of clothing? You may not know how to choose the right pants for your figure, which will mask imperfections and emphasize your strengths. A well-chosen pair of shorts, depending on your figure, will give you comfort, but will also enhance your body. But to choose wisely, you need to determine what you want to hide and what you want to show.

Silhouette with prominent posterior

If you have a prominent back and generous hips, then you should turn your attention to the following models of shorts:

     – Medium waist – low waist pants, but also those with very high waist, disadvantage you if you want to create the optical illusion of hips and back less voluminous.
     – With a wide band at the waist – pants that have a wide band at the waist will balance the silhouette.
     – Longer – if you are not proud of your back, you can choose a pair of shorts that go to the knees, in the style of bermuda shorts. They benefit your figure and make you feel comfortable.

Avoid very wide pants, although you may feel that it benefits you. It is an illusion, this type of pants increase even more the area you want to hide.

Minion silhouette

Minion women want to lengthen, at least optically, their legs. To achieve this effect, pay attention to the following aspects:

     – Cuffs – pants with cuffs create the illusion of longer legs.
     – Neutral shades – white, black or beige shorts are best for you.
     – Be careful with the length – if you have the courage, you can wear very short pants that lengthen the legs. Choose a lighter model that does not sit very tightly on the leg.

Athletic silhouette

If you have an athletic figure, you must be very happy to be able to show off your legs in all their splendor, wearing a pair of shorts. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect pair of shorts:

    – Hemless shorts – whether it’s a very short pair or a slightly longer pair, cropped hem benefits your toned legs.
    – The prints – floral, geometric and not only, the prints on the pants will let your feet be in the center of attention.

Shapeless silhouette

If your butt is flat, you need to create the illusion of a more generous butt. Here are the “details” to help you get the desired effect:

    – Pockets – shorts with back pockets, possibly bulky pockets, create the illusion of a more curved back.
    – Discolored spots – discolored spots in the back area can also create the illusion of a more bulging backside. If you choose discolored shorts so as to create a more bulging backside, you can go even further, choosing a pair with a high waist.

Shorts to avoid

When we are round, there are two models of shorts to flee like the plague (yes yes, like the plague!):

The mini-shorts. Well, let’s be clear: apart from 0.01% of the population who spends their life in a gym, mini-shorts are not for people. To wear it well, you must be very petite, and have very thin and muscular legs. So if you are round and you want to dare the mini-short, there is a strong risk that it is too short and not wide enough: we will create a bead both vertical and horizontal, in a purer sausage style. Not the top. Anyway, the mini-short, if it is not well accessorized, it quickly becomes vulgar. And Bam !

The maxi-short. When we are round, we sometimes tend to want to hide our generous shapes in too loose clothes. But instead of hiding our complexes, it just gives us the air of a shapeless mass, drowned in too large clothes. So OK for the slightly loose boyfriend type shorts, but well adjusted to our size, and not too long. When you’re round, you have to highlight your shapes, not hide them at all costs.

Whether you are round, small, tall or androgynous, it is difficult to overlook the shorts during good weather.

What shorts to choose when you are little?

The advantage: Nothing better than (short) shorts to lengthen your (small) waist.
The shorts to favor: Rule number 1, get in legs. For this, we put on a model fittée and cut rather short. To you the very elitist mini shorts, as well as its stylistic derivatives.
Shorts to avoid: We boycott shorts with wide cuts and lengths such as Bermuda shorts, not to name it.

What shorts to choose when you are bigger?

The advantage: Who says big says (necessarily) endless legs. And, nothing like shorts to unwrap this gift of nature.
The shorts to favor: Capri pants, bermudas and other loose shorts, boyfriend style, will delight you. But nothing – absolutely nothing! – do not prevent you from wearing shorter shorts.
Shorts to avoid: XXS shorts which, like an optical illusion, will make you wear the pants.

What shorts to choose when you are muscular?

The advantage: Your athletic body has something to envy – notice to gym members.
The shorts to favor: You’re (rather) thin and (well) muscular legs agree with any type of shorts, on the only condition of feminizing it! As a result, we associate it with a (reasonably) tight top, a fitted jacket and high heels, with the permission combine accessories of seduction by wearing jewelry.
Shorts to avoid: After careful stylistic consideration, we have (still) found nothing to advise you.

What shorts to choose when you are luscious?

The advantage: You have (rather) wide hips, a plump buttocks and voluptuous thighs … So many physical assets that you have to know how to enhance.
Preferred shorts: Believe it or not, high-waisted shorts are your best ally: they mark the waist, identify the hips and flatter fleshy buttocks more … . Another good point: worn with perched heels, it stretches the legs to the maximum.
Shorts to avoid: The micro-shorts which, let’s be honest, don’t go to anyone (or almost).

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