Rose gold is an alloy between the gold and natural copper, widely used in jewelry. Pink gold has 3 sub-types, are obtained by alloying gold with various percentages of copper, such as gold has obtained a color tinted red, pink or pale pink. Red Gold has a 50% -50% copper with gold and pink gold and pink have a proportion of copper with gold of 25% -75%, making a difference in the proportions of alloying metal white.
Rose gold necklaces are truly amazing accessories , perfect in any kind of situation. Also if you are inspired you could combine it in various looks.

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Rose gold began to be fashionable and desired by jewelry lovers since the era of Art Deco in the 1920s rose gold was very popular in Russia in the early nineteenth century, therefore named the Russian gold. But rose gold known at that time was different shade of rose gold face that we know today. The amount of added copper gold color turns a reddish hue, hence gold was actually red, not rose.

Today, gold is considered an option elegant, rose popularity increasing in the XXI century, it begins to be used to create rings, wedding rings and other jewelry.

Copper is a very durable metal, thus making tougher compared to gold, rose gold, white or yellow.

Permanent color radiant rose gold a long time. Compared with white gold rhodium whom should be applied to maintain the glow, rose gold gold can be maintained easily.

Delicate and subtle shade of pink gold suits every skin type, giving the wearer a distinct note.

Pink gold is a trendy color that leaves the classical patterns, expressing femininity and classic elegance. Rose gold is chameleon, changing his whole appearance in combination with gold or other colors depending on the finish.

Special finishes applied rose gold can change its color. For example, a matte finish will give a touch more natural, nude towards being a preferred embodiment of jewelry lovers who relies on a simple style, minimalist. Those who want a splash of color can choose a glossy finish to bring glow pink gold and stick it out more.

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