Rose gold is the hottest trends in jewelry today. Unfortunately, as it is beautiful as it is hard to match outfits, especially in the everyday. However, you should not let yourself be discouraged, but to inquire how you could do the most successful combinations.

Rose gold is more feminine version of the one we’ve used so far, but can be a real challenge to wear it like a true fashionista. We used to have so much silver or yellow gold accessories, that it is difficult to introduce in our style rose and gold. Because this metal is interesting trend, you can find it everywhere. You can opt for jewelry, but do not forget that a gold watch can be a statement more impressive than other accessories. Before making a foray into the wonderful world of rose gold, to find out how you should assorted to enjoy his sweet elegance.

In general, we believe that silver and gold have neutral colors that are metal, so combine them with all kinds of clothes, without making us too many problems. Even if the habit makes our eyes not to be bothered by these combinations, though not all are most successful, however there are some rules that should be remembered. For example, perhaps our tendency is to combine a coat of navy blue with silver jewelry because silver is a cold color, suitable with marine theme. However, gold would actually be the best option as an accessory for the navy because explosive contrast, rich.

Like yellow gold, rose gold has a warm tone and has the same effect as this contrast. Rose gold matches the clothes in warm colors, but look great in combination with parts in cool colors, but vibrant. Rose gold colors that work best are: brown, khaki, charcoal, nude colors, turquoise, coral.

And if you’re still not sure I do the right combination, who says you have to wear one type of metal? It is important to be creative and bold when choosing your accessories, while keeping a limit to not compete. If you go the more color metal version, you will need to choose one statement accessory and leaving all others.
The safest option when choosing clothes to wear rose gold is in nude shades: dusty pink, beige, cream, butter, etc. You will give proof of style and refinement more something like a celebrity.

Now that you’ve cleared as should wear rose gold, bracelet is among the most popular and worn jewelries both women and men. When you give or receive a bracelet, means union, the relationship between two people desire to evolve, to turn into something serious.

With the circle symbol, which is shaped bracelet, bracelets people wore for protection or evil forces, superior to ours or bad luck. Warriors, when they went into battle, draw a circle around them and wore different bracelets, hoping that death would circumvent. Circle and hence the clamp also means harmony between body and soul, between the bearing and divinity, between husband and wife if you want. The circle is the symbol of divinity, sun, perfection and balance.

In the past, bracelets showed the social status of a person. If a woman wearing gold bracelets inlaid with precious stones, when her husband was wealthy.

Rose Gold Bracelet
Rose Gold Bracelet
Rose Gold Bracelet
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