Do you want to wear high-heeled shoes more often, but are you hindered by your lack of balance or stability? It is not at all difficult to learn to walk on heels correctly. Follow our tips and you’ll feel like a catwalk every time you step into your favorite shoes. How to walk stilettos.

Ways you can improve your walking on heels:

  • Practice your technique around the house. He wears a pair of heeled shoes around the house before going for a walk with them. This trick will not only help you get used to them, but in this way you will be able to train them according to your own foot. Repeat in advance everything you have to do on a normal work day. The last step of this technique is to wear a pair of heeled shoes to an event of minor importance, to see how you do. It is important to be able to stay on the heels for a long time, so that you can feel comfortable on any pair of high shoes.
  • Be aware of the rest of your body. It is important to be aware of the rest of your body when wearing heels to maintain your posture. If you forget the rest of your body, you may lose your balance and control over your steps. Also, relax your hips and knees, and let your weight flow through your legs.
  • Small and safe steps. When walking on heels it is very important to take small steps. Walking on heels is not the same as the one you learned as a child. So take smaller steps and make sure you don’t bend your knees more than you normally do.
  • Imagine walking on an invisible line. Podium models often put one foot lightly in front of the other to wave their hips more. Lots of women wear high heels to look sexy, so adding a little femininity to the heels is a good thing. The best way to have the right attitude while walking on high heels is to imagine walking on an invisible straight line or on a thin rope. The foot should descend directly in front of the other, with the toes pointing forward.
  • Walk from the heel to the top. When walking, make sure that the heel touches the ground in front of your fingers, and don’t forget to stand up straight, walking on heels depending on your body posture.
  • Take care of your feet, you only have two – Shoes are not the only enemies for your feet. At the end of the day, soak your feet in sea, salt water, then apply a moisturizer. Do not wear socks, it is important to leave your feet uncovered, to “breathe” as they say. Pamper your feet with a massage. Bend your right foot at the knee and place your ankle on top of your left knee. Press both thumbs on the balls of the foot and massage with circular motions. Repeat this as many times as you want, on both feet.

Measure your steps

Walking on heels differs from the usual one in that in this case the body weight is 90% on your feet. Therefore, in order to keep your balance, it is necessary to learn to take slightly different steps. It is important to know that in the case of high heels you need to press on the heels first and then on the toes, making the steps much smaller than you would normally do. The control comes predominantly from the correct measurement of the steps, so do not rush even if you are late somewhere. Start with small heels Another thing to consider is the experience required to be able to walk on high heels. Don’t start directly with them if you’re not used to wearing heels. In time, you will learn to adapt your movements, so start with shoes with a maximum heel of 4 inches. Even if you want to feel like a supermodel when you leave the house, it may be risky not to be a good choice for you to start with higher heels. Change your course In order to be successful and be able to walk on the heels correctly, it is important that the rest of your body adapts to such a new experience. You can start with the abdomen, which you can easily contract at the beginning so that the abdominal wall is as close as possible to the spine. Notice other women wearing high heels and how their gait has become slightly swaying. It is this balance that provides balance and control over the legs by keeping the body relaxed at the bottom. Choose the right shoes It can be much more difficult to walk properly on your heels if you have not chosen a pair of shoes that suits you. Our feet change their size over the course of a lifetime, either due to swelling on certain tiring days or due to weight changes.

How to go on very high heels – Now that you know how to go on high heels, be ready to try on stiletto shoes with thin and high heels, or any pair of shoes with heels at least 10 inches. Whatever the shoe, this section is for advanced heels wearers, who need extra tips to go on very high heels.

What should you consider when wearing high heels?

First of all, you should not wear high-heeled shoes if you know that you have to stand for hours. The goal is to look stylish, and the outward appearance of a pair of uncomfortable shoes is not very stylish.

✨The first areas that always wear high-heeled shoes are heels. Some erosion can be solved with minor modifications, but not all. The only solution is to pay attention to the road you are on and try not to damage your shoes.

✨Another point to consider when buying heeled shoes is the material: genuine leather. Leather shoes take the shape of a foot.

How to feel comfortable when walking on heels? – When the stars line up you feel like a lucky person and you are still careful that everything seems too perfect. Sometimes shoes look too good to be real. Even if you feel comfortable trying them on at the store, many pairs of shoes become more and more painful when worn longer. What does a girl do? Before returning the perfect pair of shoes, try your luck with the tricks below.

The heels perfectly complement any outfit and make our feet look like a supermodel – but wearing them comes at a price. And I’m not just talking about pain and blisters; even walking on heels itself is a real challenge. So it’s no surprise that an image showed Rihanna slipping while wearing stiletto shoes.

Walking on heels – step by step guide. How do you walk on heels like a model?

When walking in heels, 90% of the body weight fall on the balls of the feet instead of being scattered everywhere. That’s why walking in heels is so difficult. Imagine that you have to move, but almost all your body weight has suddenly changed in different parts of your body.

Steps correctly – Walking in heels is similar to making a big decision. You have to take the right step to be successful. And the right step in heels is heel-toe with a little twist. Instead of taking a normal step, shorten it. You will have more control if you take smaller steps. You also have to take things in stride. Wear heels, not running shoes. Don’t rush unless someone is following you or you are late for an event. By walking slowly, you will have more control over the steps you take.

Engage your abdomen – Who would have thought that walking on heels is an exercise for the abdomen? Well, you won’t get a flat stomach if you walk on heels, but you’ll look nicer. Gently pull the abdominal wall toward the spine until you feel it begin to contract. Be careful, stomach sucking is not the same thing. You need to feel your stomach getting tighter, not just smaller.

Confidence – If you focus too much on walking, walking will seem robotic. Instead, try to relax. When you think too much about something, you tend to become rigid, and that won’t help you learn to walk on heels. You need to look as natural as possible. Then loosen your hips. If you’ve ever watched a woman walk on heels, you’ve probably noticed that she walks a little swaying. Whether she does it intentionally or not, the balance helps the woman to move more easily.

Learn to walk correctly on heels in just 5 steps

Walking on high heels can be difficult. Don’t be discouraged, though, too quickly. Sometimes it is enough to follow a few simple tricks and you have a guaranteed success! Before you start the adventure of walking on heels, prepare properly.

The first step is to choose the right shoes. For more details, read our article on “Comfortable heeled shoes? There is! “For ladies, who wear heels for the first time, we recommend shoes with straps around the ankles. They will provide greater stability and thus facilitate walking on heels. Are you still hesitant? Choose shoes with a slightly lower heel, finally “Rome was not built in a day”.

The first step: the correct position of the body Walking on heels is the quintessence of femininity, so it’s time to take the first steps. He straightens his back, pulls his belly and shoulders, and, following Coco Chanel’s advice, raises his head. Try to keep your body in one line. Expert advice Use a mirror to check the correct position of the body.

Step two: step length Remember, success is built with many small steps, not big ones! Adjust the step size to your own possibilities and preferences. Don’t run when no one is following you.

Step three: The knee is the base It cannot be too straightened or too bent. Remember, the knees are slightly overworked while walking on high heels. Try to maintain a natural body position, keep your feet close to you and straighten your toes.

Step four: follow the line Imagine that you have two parallel lines in front of you. (If this task is easier for you, draw them with chalk on the floor). Put each foot on a line. Do not intersect the legs, as models do, their gait is learned and impractical in everyday use. Try not to push your hips too hard to the side.

Step five: body weight spread the weight evenly over the entire leg. First, place the heel, then lightly place the weight on your toes. And most importantly, don’t look down!

Rules of etiquette

Stiletto shoes are the definition of elegance and stylish outfit. A woman is highlighted when she wears a dress accessorized with the right shoes and all eyes are on her because the good taste in the choices made can be seen with the naked eye. The problem occurs when these shoes are worn in the wrong way and through this article we want to prevent the occurrence of embarrassing situations. These are not hard rules to remember, but they are at a basic level, so that any beginner knows how to apply them. In addition, we address those who have been wearing stilettos for some time, it is never too late to find out something new in terms of fashion.


– Try to have a coordination between the length of the skirt / dress with the heels. For a short skirt, heels should be just as small. In the opposite direction, the effect is vulgar.

-You have to learn to walk correctly with a stiletto, from heel to toe, with small steps. Balance is important and you have to keep your back straight. This posture gives a great dose of confidence.

-Access the flared trousers with sandals or heeled shoes, preferably with an elongated muzzle. A long and beautiful leg is highlighted by a stiletto shoe, because it gives it an elongation effect.

-If you love tights, this does not mean that you have to wear them with sneakers. We recommend the bravest to combine them with a pair of heeled shoes, because this daring highlights the special tastes and research behind the outfits.

-If you feel that you can’t last long on the heels, avoid situations in which you “limp” and apply some silicone heels, which help you better support your body weight when you walk.


– Do not wear heels if your feet are swollen. This will be seen in the way you go and will not help you in any way to enhance your outfit.

– Do not choose stiletto shoes that will tighten you, because it will be noticed in the way you keep your foot. It is recommended to choose a pair to order, which is 1 inch larger than the number you normally wear, leaving the foot to “breathe” quietly.

– Do not combine black with navy blue, brown with gray or white with cream, they are in the “Not so” category in terms of color.

– Do not wear stiletto shoes with mesh tights, shiny clothes or shiny jewelry, it gives a vulgar look.

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