Nightwear or pajamas is a underwear that must be chosen and used with reprehensibility, because almost a third of our lives we spend sleeping. That is why it should be a “second row of skin” that protects the body, especially in the mechanical contact with the surrounding.

As for temperature and humidity variations during sleep, they are mitigated by the duvet, blanket, sheets, pillows and room microclimate.

The skin even senses the presence of asperities as a grain of poppy, whose neglect the nervous system is endeavoring, the man having a sleepy, restless nightmare or restlessness, all the more so as the skin irritation is higher.

That’s why a healthy nightclub is made of linen or cotton, with no stitches, no buttons, buckles, which could break the movement, irritate or scratch the skin.

A special care on this underwear is to not use detergents, perfumes or caustic soaps. Many allergic people discover that for many years they have respiratory or skin irritation, which disappears if they remove some detergents or perfumes they have commonly used to wash. Your nightwear or pajamas must also have the ability to absorb sweat.

That’s why the nightgown does not come out of the bedroom, so as not to aggress the others with their smell or the risk of contaminating them with microbes. Even in the hospital or treatment rooms, she does not walk in pajamas, without a bathrobe or hood, and even more so outside.

Proper use of this garment is a sign of civilization, first of all, because many infectious-contagious, allergic, or some sleep disorders can be prevented.

No matter the material, or the style, it is very important to feel great in your pajamas. Also should be in great link with the temperature of your room, should really be pleasure wearing it.

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