The sport blazer is one of the most important clothing items, both for women and especially for men. It denotes style and elegance, emphasizing the person who wears it. So, are sport blazer in style 2021?

Man is a social being. For him, interaction with others is essential. It is a being living through and for symbols. Clothes are a symbol of our own creativity. It is essentially how you perceive, the reputation you emanate, the social groups you identify, and the clothes help us to present ourselves to others as we see ourselves. Every day you see on the street, at work, at shows, men wearing casual jackets. What is the role that they play? Why do men wear them?

Style is the way to relate to yourself and express yourself by choosing clothes. Style is a reaction of your inner voice that says you know, love you the way you are, respect you and choose your outfits expressing your individuality. In current fashion trends, both men and women, lead the Italian style and Antonio Gatti jackets are preferred by all men. Why? They are characterized by their modern, relaxed, elegant, comfortable appearance, come in many models and variants for each type of male anatomy. Italian style aims to favor and highlight the body of the man, and the new trends have made the Italian jacket becoming more stylized and closer to the body. The personal taste, the fashion influences of each season make you choose casual beachwear with style.

Attitude is more than just the fact of having style, it is a statement of your kind of being, of what you like, of what makes you feel good, beyond aesthetics. It gives you joy, security, energy, vitality. Attitudes, those around you perceive you as a harmonious being, as a happy being.

Casual jackets are versatile clothing. They can be used in most situations of a day, combining them, as appropriate, with jeans and costume pants, from shirts to shirts.

It is not enough to show who we are, these casual jackets must protect against the climate conditions, whether they are cold or hot. Men wear them to compensate for the inadequacy of our nature, our clothes are our second skin, one that resists any weather conditions: cold, heat, humidity.

Fashion is constantly changing, but a casual jacket is always on the trend. If you take care of it, it will last for years because it is made up of high quality materials: cashmere, merino wool (for cold seasons) and cotton for the warm ones. You will probably pay him less than his value because he quickly repairs his cost and will not wear out after years of wear.

The difference between a well-dressed man and a man with style often consists in choosing the suit that suits him. Depending on the owner, the jack can look like millions or fall to the other end. When looking for a coat, think about how versatile it is. Does it go with most of the wardrobe? Is it accessory? The jacket is the only clothing of the spring-autumn outfit that shows elegance.

I have noted in a previous article about cardigan as an essential and versatile element, but if you add the jacket you have countless matching possibilities that you will receive in next articles. I will draw attention to some important issues when it comes to choosing the jacket. The anatomy of the jacket will include: chest pocket, buttonholes, slings, lapel, pockets and other rules.

The sport blazer has a long history, but since the mid-nineteenth century and until today, this piece of clothing has been, is and will always be fashionable. In general, it has a simple cut, with long sleeves, it falls straight, from the shoulders to the hips, from this shape deriving its name, from the Italian “bag”. In general, the jacket is worn with a suitable shirt, but it is not wrong to wear it with a blouse or even a T-shirt chosen in style. During the cold season it can be worn under a coat. The jacket for men is commonly called a jacket, and the one for women, a tailor, although it is a unisex item of clothing, with the difference that the women’s jacket is shorter and more arched.

Due to the continuous and tireless evolution of fashion, it has always adapted according to needs, social rank or the skill of tailors. In the 18th century, men wore, over the trousers that ended below the knees, where they were tightly tied with string (the so-called “culottes”), a long jacket, also up to the knees, with narrow shoulders and sleeves. Gradually, the front edges of the “justaucorp” disappeared, leaving only the back, in the shape of a “swallow’s tail”, which is still preserved today in the tailcoat. Not long after, this coat became uncomfortable, so that, for the lightness of the movements, the back was cut, the jacket remaining up to the hip, giving it even more width. In these conditions, it was natural to give up the “culottes”, which would have been funny with a short coat, opting for long and wide pants.

In general, men’s jackets are made of quality materials, or at least it would be necessary, so that the cut lines are impeccable. It has well-marked shoulders, pockets on both sides and one on the left side, at the top, in which you can put a handkerchief matching the tie, in more special circumstances. The lapels can be narrower or wider, rounded (shaped like a shawl) or cut at sharp angles. There are also sports or casual jackets, which look great in combination with jeans and white or denim blue shirts.


  • whether or not they are fashionable, you don’t have to worry: wear them with confidence on any occasion! wear it with a modern scarf or scarf and a white shirt and classic pants or dark jeans.
  • denotes elegance from the first impact and can be easily accessorized.
  • It is also an exceptional piece of clothing that is part of the category of casual style men’s jackets and in its creation modern stitches were used that bring added value and a pleasant atmosphere wherever you go.
Are Sport Blazer In Style 2021?
Are Sport Blazer In Style 2021?
Are Sport Blazer In Style 2021?
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