Over the knee boots, its name alone immediately announces all the perplexity that this ancestral fashion accessory inspires. And for good reason, this boot that culminates at the top of our legs is intended to ostensibly reveal all of them, earning it a sulfurous reputation at the same time. So the question is are over the knee boots in style? Or maybe are over the knee boots out of style? Over-the-knee boots are not for good girls! They are provocative and attract all eyes. If you have the courage to wear them, here’s what to combine them with. Until a few years ago, no one would have dared to leave the house during the day with over-the-knee boots, considered much too sexy. But in recent seasons, these shoes have been in vogue.

Trends for this year seem to favor the famous over the knee boots. Oh yes, practically we cannot start without the conclusion, you’ve probably wanted it from the moment you read the title.
Worn in conservative tones of gray, black or beige, or, on the contrary, in stunning colors of turquoise, pink, or green neon, over-knee boots are back to the attention of true fashionistas. Combined with a short dress, long sleeves, cloche skirt or a pair of tights and a shirt, plus a lightweight coat, surely will attract the curious!
Famous designers like Christian Loubutin, Luis Vuitoon, Gucci, Stella McCartney or Chloe have emphasized the resumption of this trend in their recent collections. It seems that over the knee boots are so typical of the 60s hippie culture and an indispensable attribute for those whose role model was Julia Roberts the famous movie “Pretty Woman.” Today, fashion podiums suggest that boots over knees are a must in the wardrobe of any fashionistas. They have gone through many important stages in fashion history, so that today they are once again present on the shelves in our wardrobe, being both practical and stylish. Designers offer us a wide range of models to make us feel as comfortable as possible. Knee-high boots can be made of matte, glossy, or leathery leather. The ball – is not a mandatory feature. Convenience and practicality are today the order of the day. This way, you will easily find boots over your knee with a low sole or a stable 3 inch cage.

Yoi can choose  for over the knee boots in classic colors, but with special details. The original chains and metal inserts will be an excellent accent even in classic dresses.

Flirting with the thighs, this fall shoe turns out to be a big deal. For good reason, before putting them on, you must make sure you know your morphology. Are you tall and slender? Your long legs welcome the thigh high without any problem. Conversely, you have no less right to dare to wear thigh boots if you are small, only to opt for a shorter version. And you can even wear it in any of the ways these street style queens show off in the following slideshow. In leather, suede and even plastic … With a zipper or laces, a flat heel, a stiletto heel or a wedge heel, thigh-high boots come in all shapes and all heights. In the street, black suede models are popular, but a little touch of originality is not to be avoided.

Who says that over the knee boots can be worn day, maybe even at the office? Sure you can do that but… carefully. Specifically, should not see any bit of skin because your outfit is a professional one, not a sexy outfit for a night out.

When we think of the cold season, we instantly think of knee-high boots. We must recognize that these knee-high boots, which exceed the knee line, bring a more feminine look to any outfit. Over-the-knee boots are gift-free and can be found on store shelves in all possible shapes, sizes and colors. The good part is that we can wear them regardless of the weather outside, in various combinations, such as with a short dress and skinny skin color if the weather allows, and if it rains we can join them with a pair of jeans and a cardigan and you are ready departure. Although they can be worn in various combinations, such as over-the-knee boots, there are certain rules that you should not deviate from in order to have a successful outfit. Here are some examples of clothing that you can join this type of boots and that fit perfectly. In casual outfits: at school, at the movies, for shopping, for a walk in the park, for a juice, etc. – boots can be worn over the knee with or without heel. We can choose to wear a pair of thick tights with an oversized sweater and heeled boots and we will look more than OK. In office outfits – and at the office we can choose over-the-knee boots, but those with heels in combinations with knee-length skirts or knitted dresses, on the body. The dress or skirt worn must be at most one palm above the knee line, or be up to the knee.

Some precautions before putting on our over the knee boots:

– we say no to the vinyl model and the total leather look … which remind us too much that the thigh-high boots were until now reserved for erotic and fetish circles.

– we avoid the 100% tight-fitting look and we bring softness with loose pieces: a big loose sweater, a pretty vaporous blouse … No more vulgarity!

– we break the codes … with sportswear pieces like a sports sweatshirt, a sweatshirt dress, a bomber. The idea is to avoid taking thigh boots straight out.

Over the knee boots are without a doubt a fabulous piece and can be the star footwear of this season. And if you have encountered problems in choosing the perfect pair so far, this is no longer the case due to the fact that we are at the top of the designers and we will find them on the shelves in all sizes, colors and styles.

The bigger part is that we can wear them regardless of outside weather. We wear them when the sun is with a short dress and socks the color of the skin, and when it rains with a pair of jeans and a cardigan.

As already used in the previous articles in this series, rules exist in every field. In some areas there are stricter rules, and in other rules easier to observe. Over-knee-like boots do not raise so many good-to-wear issues like pencil skirts.


One-knee boots will not be worn in combination with too simple feminine or casual style clothes. Deep necklines, bare backs and other seductive elements are forbidden.

We recommend choosing tights in a shade with shoes. They must be thick enough. We do not recommend wearing fishnet tights.

Opt for suede, smooth leather or textile models (if they are sock boots). Over-the-knee boots in patent leather look too shrill.

Knee-high boots match only leggings and skinny jeans. Classic pants and other jeans models do not fit.

Knee-high boots + shorts are not the perfect combination. But if you like this combination, choose models with a high waist and free cut, and definitely made of warm fabrics: wool, tweed, knit.

Opt for brown, black and gray. Boots in bright shades of red, burgundy, blue can only be worn with clothes in warm and faded shades.

The boots should not be too tight on the leg, nor should they be too wide.

Are Over The Knee Boots In Style
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style

Vulgar of stylish?

Too often associated with vulgarity, some people forget their subtle powers. They are capable of transporting the most timid young ladies among you into absolute femininity. Well combined, they can make even the simplest outfit sparkle. But a successful look can be destroyed and become cheeky with a pair of over the knee boots. Take notes!
Are you rather tall and thin? The over the knee boots are easy for you to wear. Dare the thigh-high socks: tight like a second skin, finished with a pointed toe and a thin and high heel. Combined with a midi dress, this outfit will suit you. The knee length will calm the thigh high and give a chic look to the set.
Rest assured curvy women, you are not left out. For a totally assumed attitude, dare the thigh-high boots! Adopt a decidedly feminine style, adding thigh-high boots in the same shade as your jeans. Add a light blouse style top and admire yourself!
Small ladies are entitled to their over the knee boots. Choose them tight (to avoid the Puss in Boots effect!) And with a heel. Look on the side of the thigh-high socks! You can combine them with a tight and short dress. Add some opaque tights and you’ll look great!
The advantage of boots without heels is their comfort. And with them, you’ll be sure not to overdo it. Create a street look with flat thigh high boots, jeans and a maxi bomber. If you’re going for a trendy city attitude, wear your boots with a short skirt, sheer tights and a long jacket.
Over the knee boots will wear the colors of femininity in your outfit. You won’t need to add too much jewelry. Stay in the sweetness with elegant chains or a feather pendant for example.
Over the knee boots will be appreciated in the winter. Thin, black tights will finish off the outfit with, for example, a chunky dress, mini skirt or shorts. If you are petite, black opaque tights under the thigh highs in the same color will lengthen the leg. We like the opaque with a denim or suede dress.

Now let’s talk about thigh highs! Over the knee boots are high boots that stick to the legs and rise higher than conventional boots. The thigh highs are pretty frowned upon, as they are often considered vulgar, but I don’t quite agree with that. Yes, it is true that thigh highs can very easily make a look vulgar, but if you manage to combine your thigh highs with not at all vulgar pieces you can succeed in creating a nice and easy to wear outfit for everyday life. Obviously you avoid going to the office with thigh highs unless you have a pretty cool job or in the fashion field. In general, wear your outfits with thigh-highs for a walk or a drink, for example.

To make sure you don’t fall into vulgarity:

– Avoid leather thigh highs and prefer flat or small square heels

– Avoid wearing thigh-highs with tight-fitting outfits and opt for oversized clothing, which is very wide.

Certain models of waders have the annoying tendency to slip. Spending so much time composing a style and seeing it shrivel up during the day… oh no! No more high class, it’s a downfall … Here are some useful tips:

Add a wide, flat elastic at the top of the boot: cut the elastic to the length of your thigh circumference (chosen where the boots reach). Sew it to the inside of the shoe. If you don’t have fairy fingers, get help from the neighbor, a seamstress or a shoemaker.

Change the elastic: if your sewing skills match your boot, you can completely change the elastic to replace it with a well-fitting one.
Wear high socks: much simpler, but not always sufficient, this trick is worth trying. The socks will increase the volume of the leg and the adhesion to the fabric.

Attach an anti-slip band: collect the top band from a pair of self-fixing stockings. Cut it to the correct length and secure it to the inside of the boot. Depending on the fabric, you will need to sew the strip or glue it with fabric glue.

How do you wear boots over your knees?

Over-the-knee boots are so versatile, which is why it’s worth making room in your wardrobe. Here are some of the clothing combinations you can try:

If you want to get a monochrome outfit, choose a dress in the same shade as the boots. This outfit is perfect both for a day at the office and for going out with your friends. Wear boots over the knees together with a sweater-type dress, which you can accessorize with a belt at the waist.

For a sexy look, dare to combine over-the-knee boots with shorts. You could also focus on a jumpsuit that highlights your waist. Do not hesitate to choose a closed skirt, which fits perfectly with this type of footwear. As for the upper part, you can wear a classic sweater, in shades of white or black, to get an elegant look. You can wear over-the-knee boots with loose clothing, such as an oversized sweater. If you want a stylish and comfortable outfit at the same time, wear skinny jeans with above-the-knee boots and an oversized sweater to create a balanced outfit. An all black outfit will remain, in most cases, effective. Therefore, we suggest you create it with a pair of black over-the-knee boots, worn with a skirt and shirt, both black. Wear summer maxi skirts with over-the-knee boots that will keep you warm.

For a bohemian outfit, add a briefcase and a short leather jacket to these pieces. Do you want to adopt a bold style? Combine knee-high boots with a leather mini skirt, ideal for a club night with friends. Wear over-the-knee boots with confidence, even in the cold season, to add extra elegance to your outfit, at any time of the day!

Tips & tricks that ensure that you will keep your characteristic style, but you will be on trend:

– Looks a little skin, but do not overdo it. You can choose to wear mini skirts, a long sweater or a coat over shorts, so that you get a sexy look, worthy of fashion shows. Find the right combination of textures and prints. In addition to quality, you need to make sure that your boots will attract attention, but without being exaggerated. Rather choose to wear boots made of leather, suede or velvet in dark colors or in warm shades of brown or gray. For a unique effect, choose combinations between velvet and accessories (chain with large links or massive zippers), between suede and lacquer or metal inserts at the top or heel.

– Be in harmony with your outfit. If you are the kind of woman who has a sexier and more playful style, the over-the-knee boots with heels, which can be worn with shorts, dresses and mini or long skirts, are the most suitable for you. Instead, if you prefer to have safe and quiet outfits, find a balance in your outfit. Whether you use monochrome tones or choose to wear boots that show very little skin, you need to feel comfortable in your skin.

– Be playful with proportions. The combinations between long sweaters and boots, or closed skirts and over-the-knee boots look great, but be very careful to avoid wearing jeans boots if you have a more voluptuous figure and do not want to draw even more attention to thick legs. – The ideal combination for any fashionista: skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots. It is probably the most used outfit both by celebrities and by any owner of over-the-knee boots, because it is very suitable for both day and evening. The most important aspect in this case is to choose only skinny jeans or tights, otherwise you will notice some unsightly wrinkles that you definitely want to avoid.

Are Over The Knee Boots In Style
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style

Matching ideas

Over the knee boots should not be missing from the wardrobe of elegant women. This type of footwear looks sensational in both day and evening outfits. You may think that over-the-knee boots do not have a very advantageous or too feminine design. But the reality is that they can turn even the most mundane outfit into an outfit that turns all eyes.

Over-the-knee boots and leather pants

In the cold season, when you want to go out but you don’t know what to wear so that you feel comfortable and sexy, don’t forget the over-the-knee boots. They can be paired with leather pants, an oversized sweater or an asymmetrical blouse, along with a post office bag.
Also, long boots can be worn with tights, for the moments when you need a simple outfit. The boots can be brown or black, with or without heel, so that you feel comfortable while wearing them. If you want to draw attention to your feet, do not hesitate to choose tights or tights with prints, which can be worn with long cashmere sweaters or long shirts.

Over-the-knee boots and jeans

Jeans, ubiquitous in women’s wardrobes, can be worn with sneakers, boots, moccasins or long boots! The models of slim fit jeans, easy to insert in boots, have an effect of lengthening the silhouette. Choose oversized shirts, thick sweaters or printed T-shirts that will match your favorite jeans, and you will get a casual look, suitable both for the office. If your job allows, and for a party in the city, where you can dance in allowed. Avoid straight models, especially boyfriend jeans with a loose fit. Jeans look ideal with heelless boots. The top, in this case, must be as loose as possible: a light blouse, a cardigan or an oversized sweater. For an ultra-cool fall look, wear black over-the-knee boots with a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans. To soften the outfit, just add a little white or a soft fabric like a knit.

Over-the-knee boots and short skirts

Over-the-knee boots, worn with short skirts, are successful, trendy and extremely sexy combinations. You can wear long boots with skirts in different colors, from green to gray or shades of brown, to neon yellow or electric blue. However, even if you can combine long boots with short skirts, be aware that they are not suitable for the office, regardless of the freedom of clothing you have at work. For a stylish look, it is recommended to wear tights in opaque colors.

Over-the-knee boots with maxi skirt

Even if winter has come, that doesn’t mean you have to completely forget about your summer maxi skirts. Choose the ones in dark and mysterious shades and match them with a pair of over-the-knee boots, which will keep you warm. Pair it with a short leather jacket for a bohemian look.

Over the knee boots with mini leather skirt

For a bold day style, wear your over-the-knee boots with a leather mini skirt, another trendy garment for this winter. It is also the perfect choice for going out with friends.

Over the knee boots and midi skirts

Because they are very high and molded, it is good for the boots to be the strongest part of the outfit. Thus, you will be able to draw attention to your legs and you will have an extremely sexy look. Over the knee boots are best matched with midi skirts or slim fit pants. You can also wear them in combination with a long dress, but the visual effect will not be the same. If you don’t want to attract too much attention, you can wear boots with a long skirt, about two inches above the knees.

Over-the-knee boots and sweater dress

We recommend that the dress be made in the warm range of colors, without image: brown, gray, white, cream, black. Woven clothes match perfectly with suede shoes. Moreover, if the over-the-knee boots are wide or with creases, then the upper part must be on the body. Conversely, if the boots are narrow, then the dress should be wide. It is allowed to use a belt or a belt in a shade with boots. Over-the-knee boots matched with dresses will definitely be worn with thick tights of the same color as the shoes.

Over-the-knee boots and leggings

If the shape of the legs is ideal, we recommend you to wear without hesitation over-the-knee boots with leggings. The top must be quite long and the cardigans, tunics, long sweaters and the sweater dress will be perfect. The waist line can be accentuated with a belt.

Over-the-knee boots and boho style

Over-the-knee boots, preferably suede boots, match perfectly with bohemian style clothes. To create a boho chic, choose a light silk dress with flowers or an ethnic print with an emphasis on the waist. Do not forget the big accessories and jewelry, stylized in antique style: bracelets, scarves, brooches, bandana.

Over-the-knee boots and cardigan

A long sweater or a cardigan will look as good as the matching dress. Opt for leggings in dark shades or thick tights in the same shade as the boots, if of course the length allows this. Jeans and over-the-knee boots with high heels are not exactly the best option, but it is not a forbidden one.

Over-the-knee boots with a floral print dress

If you like rock style, I recommend combining a pair of over-the-knee boots with a floral print dress. They look completely opposite, but in fact they complement each other perfectly, and thus create an innocent and a bold outfit at the same time.

Over-the-knee boots and evening dresses

Want to draw attention to the boots you wear when you go out? Choose some that stand out with a unique color, an original design or, of course, some over-the-knee boots with thick or high heels. Long boots, with metallic details, glam or rock, will definitely help you stand out at a party or an outing with friends.

What kind of boots you should wear depending on your figure

You choose your boots according to the seasonal trends and you couldn’t go wrong. It is essential, when choosing a pair of boots, to do it according to the shape of your body so that they benefit you, not emphasize the small imperfections.

Low-rise women, but also very thin, should be limited to medium and knee-high boots, which benefit them the most. On the other hand, it would be good to avoid over-the-knee boots as they make their legs look even shorter.

Accented minions would do well to wear knee-high or ankle-high boots, as medium-sized boots will make their legs look thicker. Of course, it’s not advisable to wear boots over your knees. If you are a short person, it does not mean that you cannot wear high boots. This is a myth that you should not take into account. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules to look flawless in your favorite pair of shoes! For example, you can choose boots with heels, medium or high, depending on your preferences and comfort, to add a few inches high. In addition, avoid those boots above the knee and choose knee-high ones instead. This will create the impression that your legs are longer.

Tall and thin women, with an athletic figure, are lucky because they have the advantage of absolutely all types of boots.
Things are a little different for tall, tall women, with over-the-knee boots shortening their legs. Moreover, these boots make you look fuller than you are. Tall women are most fortunate because these boots do not give much hassle. If you are very high, it is recommended to wear over the knee boots with oversized dresses, whether fabric or knit. Be careful, however, that dress is short enough so that it remains a toe portion found between this and shoes.
The shape of the frame is also important and must be chosen according to the silhouette. Thus, a nail heel will look perfect worn by a woman with thin legs, while a thick heel will benefit the silhouette of a woman with a few extra pounds. The very small heel benefits women with small toes.

Women with thick legs – the anatomy of each woman is different and, therefore, each lady is unique and special. If your legs are not as thin as you would like, there is no problem. You can wear the right shoes, which will create an elongating effect and, consequently, thinner. When choosing your boots, avoid the extremely tight ones on the thigh and opt for some light ones. In addition, choose a suitable length: the knee-length ones are perfect! In terms of color, it is recommended to wear a dark shade, such as black, brown or navy blue. Thus, these tones will create the impression of thin and long legs. If the boots have heels, combine them with a short dress, and if they don’t, choose a pair of jeans.

What colors do we choose?

Gray, brown, beige or cognac – these are the most suitable colors to choose when buying a pair of over-the-knee boots. Black is also recommended if you want to easily match the shoes with the clothes and if you want to get a slim effect of the legs. However, light colors will be more than welcome, because they will light up your gloomy autumn outfit. It is recommended to choose a color that can be found in your outfit, but in a darker or lighter tone than that of the shoes. You should avoid the same color tone. And another valuable tip: the fashion for matching shoes with a bag has long since passed, so try not to make such a mistake!

6 reasons to choose over-the-knee boots:

💞 Over-the-knee boots make you look taller

💞 They are perfect for a casual-chic look

💞 Over-the-knee boots lengthen the legs

💞 They also fit office outfits

💞 Looks good even in combination with summer dresses

💞 Very stylish

Sexy and bold, over the knee boots may seem vulgar if they are not worn properly. A successful outfit can be destroyed by a pair of long boots, while a trivial outfit can be turned into a remarkable one if you wear a pair of boots whose length exceeds the knee.

Tall women are the luckiest because these boots do not give them big headaches. If you are very tall, it is recommended to wear boots over knees with oversized dresses, whether cloth or knit. Make sure however that the dress is short enough so that a piece of foot remains uncovered between it and the shoes.

Women with accentuated shapes, bulging posterior and generous bust will be advantaged if they wear these boots with a pair of jeans in the same color and a light blouse.

Women with an athletic, tall and solid body can draw attention to their long legs, making them look thinner, wearing a pair of black jeans, just like boots. They should also wear a belt at the waist, but also a neck scarf.

Over the knee boots are preferred by women from all over the world. It is impossible not to love them because they are very chic and complete any look. Not only sensual and very chic, but also very comfortable, especially if the heels are not very high, of course. This aspect is essential, especially if you have to stand a large part of the day.

The over the knee boots models without high heels work best with a pair of leggings, a shirt and a blazer. On the other hand, over the knee boots with high heels can be matched with a pair of shorts or midi-skirts. Indeed, these boots are versatile enough to give you the liberty to combine it with such a large amount of any other pieces.

Be brave, and try to be as much inspired as you can and try to match it with different other outfit pieces. Also over the knee boots are perfect to be used at any moment of the day or evening. Of course try to be focused on the combo’s, because as we speak above, there is some combination which should be avoided. Anyhow, there is enough pieces remained to be used. Just be creative and have trust in your instincts.

Over the knee boots 2023 are very trendy and, if you love to be fashionable, this type of boots should definitely be among your favorite because they will get you out of the crowds rapidly. For sure, your wardrobe will suffer a huge boost, which is absolutely amazing.

I thought I should tell you my 7 basic rules from which I never deviate from, hopping they will help you too when you would like to wear over the knee boots:

1. Over the knee boots are in love with skinny jeans, you should do the same since the perfectly match. You will look super hot and plus it’s an easy combination to make.

2. This type of boot it’s complex by itself so it’s indicated you shouldn’t have the rest of your outfit too complex also, try to keep it simple because this boots have great effect and there’s no need for you to get complicated.

3. Black nylon is universal accepted therefore a combination between black nylon and over the knee boots never fails.

4. Good chosen long dresses CAN be worn with this type of boots, don’t be scared that you would put the boots into shadow, they will be sufficiently shown and you will have a bold look.

5. Avoid this kind of boots if you are short, they will make you more harm than good, trust me.

6. If you match a mini skirt with this boots, leave only little skin between them – less is more – you are much sexier with only 0.75 – 1 inches of skin left to be seen than more. Therefore you don’t risk to be vulgar.

7. A one color outfit doesn’t fail, believe me – if you want not to get complicated choose an outfit with pieces having the same color, you will be elegant and sexy.

Are Over The Knee Boots In Style
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style

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