Light, practical and comfortable, espadrilles are the shoes you will have to wear this summer. You can wear them when you wear a long dress, jeans or a skirt. Depending on the fabric from which they are made and the model, espadrilles can be used on any occasion. When you think of the summer wardrobe, you have in front of your eyes the image of a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. Instead of the classic slippers, consider espadrilles for the warm season. They are light, comfortable and especially fashionable.

So are espadrilles still in style 2023? Espadrilles are very comfortable and versatile, and can be worn with anything from shorts and skirts to dresses and long pants. They have a summer air, but don’t think that you can’t wear them with an office outfit. The stores offer you all kinds of models, so you can’t find the right one for you. Sandals in the form of sandals are a bit more feminine and go perfectly with long and steamy dresses, and those that mimic sneakers are more suitable for jeans. Espadrilles are, by definition, lightweight canvas shoes that traditionally have a sole made of woven natural fibers. The sole gives the espadrilles their unique look, and makes them suitable for summer outfits that make us think of the holidays.

We are convinced that you already have a favorite clothing style that you are guided by when you buy new clothes. The same principle should be applied when shopping for shoes, so in the case of espadrilles. If you approached the casual style when you created your wardrobe, it means that espadrilles are an inspired choice for the shoes you will wear this summer. You can combine them perfectly with your steamy dresses or with the mini skirts or shorts that we know you missed. The espadrilles also go well with wide trousers made of linen or other light materials, but also with jeans, which are not missing from our wardrobe. Let your imagination run wild and combine clothing with espadrilles in various models, for surprising results. If you are wondering how you could follow the trends of the moment, maybe it’s good to know that clothing designers have already dictated summer trends, taking into account the presence of espadrilles in most shoes. This year, besides the classic variants of canvas espadrilles, natural leather espadrilles are in fashion, intensely colored in metallic shades.

It turned out that espadrilles appeared as early as 1322, and at that time were considered to be the footwear of peasants, miners and priests in Occitania (a region in the Basque area of the French Pyrenees). The French Basques then called them espardenya, and when the espadrilles crossed the mountains into Spain, the Catalans called them espadrilles, and the Castilians called them esparteñas. Many, many years later, in 1940, and a few Hollywood divas started wearing them. For example, Audrey Hepburn wore them in 1954 in “Vacation in Rome” and Grace Kelly wore them a year later in “How to Catch a Thief.” They became fashionable only in 1960 when Yves Saint Laurent transformed the simplistic canvas sandal into a fashionable accessory. He also created the first espadrille with orthopedic soles. That’s when their story began. They were fashionable and they were taken by the wave, they were just shoes.

How do we wear them, how do we match them?

The best part about espadrilles is that you can wear them with anything. Indeed, espadrilles can be worn with almost any style of clothing. Therefore, you will not have to buy a new pair of shoes for each piece of clothing you own. Plus, even if you can’t bring them to the office, they are perfect for meeting friends or outdoors. Important is that you should feel very comfortable in your footwear and espadrilles guarantees you that.

Flexible and extremely comfortable, they can be worn in combination with dresses or two-piece suits, jeans, skirts or light pants. At the office, you always wonder how you can combine the useful with the pleasant. What does an ideal office outfit look like for a little warmer days? Start with a classic, stylish blazer, and combine it with a white, basic shirt. Then, think outside the box. Replace the classic striped pants with a pair of white jeans (slightly torn, why not?). Wear a pair of espadrilles and you’re ready for a new day’s work. Careful! Outfit recommended especially on Casual Friday, when it’s nice and nice to wear jeans a little more rebellious. On the walk, things change. Anything is allowed in fashion, as long as it looks good. And if the weather outside matches your clothing desires, you can try the following combination: a blouse with three-quarter sleeves, a pair of shorts made of a material that imitates leather and a pair of light-colored espadrilles, which will become the piece of resistance. Of this outfit. Of course, for lighter days, you can always replace these pants with a pair of shorts. On vacation, you can unleash your creativity. Combine espadrilles with more and more colorful dresses, with or without patterns, long or short, steamy or molded. A clothing combination we recommend: a short, airy and brightly colored dress, a straw hat with wide brims, a large jute bag and a pair of espadrilles (preferably in the color of the dress).

As in the case of sandals, wearing espadrilles is never done in combination with tights or socks of any kind. For an ideal aesthetic effect, espadrilles are worn barefoot. Keep in mind, however, the models that benefit you and that would go great with your favorite outfits. This involves not only an assortment of materials from which espadrilles are made, but also the models or prints they have. If you prefer to dress in light-colored clothes, create a contrast with the bottom of the outfit, choosing intense espadrilles as approached shades. If you are a conservative person, go for the classic version of black espadrilles, and if you like extremes, orient yourself towards more daring models, with targets, metallic colors or embroidery.

A must-have accessory for the summer period that can be worn even in the first part of the autumn season, espadrilles can be the strongest part of your outfit if you combine them with the right clothing items. Comfortable, easy to wear and very chic, the espadrilles are easy to match, and you will get an original, bold outfit, suitable for your style.

Espadrilles and steamy dresses – You certainly have in your wardrobe steamy dresses, ideal for hot summer days, but which you can wear even in early autumn, when low temperatures do not dominate. Do you want a sexy look, but at the same time want to feel comfortable? Then steamy dresses and espadrilles are a great choice.

Espadrilles and skirts – Long or short skirts, with various prints or simple, made of leather or denim can get you out of any mess when you’re in a hurry and you don’t know what to wear. Paired with a pair of cool espadrilles, you’ll be ready to go out in the palm of your hand.

How to choose the size of your espadrilles?

A little different from classic shoes, espadrilles spring 2023 cannot be chosen like the others when it comes to size. You even have to take different sizes depending on whether you buy flat or heeled espadrilles and depending on the season. If you can’t afford to try them on, follow these tips on how to choose the right size or shoe size. You should know that each manufacturer has their own size guide to help you find the espadrilles that go with your feet.

The right size for flat espadrilles

When buying single-sole flat espadrilles, it is advisable to take a half size or one size below your normal size. As the canvas tends to relax and conform to the shape of your feet, this is ideal. If you have a strong foot, you can take your exact size, the same for models with double sole or models indicated with normal shoes.

The size for heeled espadrilles

For wedge or platform espadrilles, we recommend buying your normal size. The elastic canvas allows your toes to move and your feet will adhere better to the shoes. With a wide toe and a thin foot, however, the smaller size will probably suit you more. The canvas will hold better on your feet.

The right size for summer and winter

In summer, the heat swells the feet, so you should opt for your classic size to be comfortable and comfortable in it. On the other hand, in winter, we scientifically have smaller feet. So having a pair for summer and another for winter is ideal.

Arguments to wear espadrilles:

  • good value for the money
  • comfortable
  • airy
  • versatile
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
Are Espadrilles In Style
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