Day: March 21, 2020

Summer Maxi Dresses 2020

Summer is knocking on your door, so it’s time to check your wardrobe. Are maxi dresses on the shelves of your closet? If not, this is the perfect time to schedule a shopping session and choose a few models that will delight your tastes.What is more comfortable in the hot season than a maxi dress […]

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Summer Beach Dresses 2020

If you have planned your leave somewhere at sea, you start in your plans of going there for the beach and not scrolling on a fashionable podium, so you can leave in the hotel room the huge and colorful earrings, the cocktail rings, the noisy bracelets. , statement necklaces, and total makeup. You will remember […]

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Are Maxi Skirts Still In Style 2020

Are Maxi Skirts Still In Style 2020 Maxi skirts have always been one of the major trends, and a true fashionista should have at least one in the wardrobe. Those wonderful skirts are some of these pieces of clothing that you can still wear, both in the remaining winter months and in the times when […]

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Are Cardigans In Style 2020

Cardigans – Amazing fashion Items Cardigan is a sweater with buttons and deep V neckline, woven or knitted fabric. Coco Chanel is the one who first cut an old sweater and sewed an elegant ribbon, thus sparing women the danger of ruining their beautiful hairstyles as they pulled their traditional sweaters on their heads. Among […]

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