Pea Coat for Men 2015-2016

If you want a classic, elegant but at the same time a confident look, you should definitely consider wearing a pea coat.

2015-2016 pea coat for men

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pea coat 2015-2016

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red peacoat for men 2015-2016

Keep in mind that a pea coat is also very versatile. Don’t forget about the wide collar, specific for this type of coat. It perfectly protects your neck and face when the weather gets harder.
The best choice seems to be the classic model. In this case, try to avoid being too innovative. And since we are talking about the classic model, I am referring to the short one, of course.
Here are some interesting tips if you are wearing a pea coat:
– This type of coat looks exceptional with its buttons closed.
– Choosing a coat in black color looks very well and it is very versatile.
– Be careful to choose one in the proper size for you.

Fashionable Pea Coat for Men 2015-2016

The pea coat is a type of coat that is excellent to be worn on many times during the whole year when the weather outside demands it of course.
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2015 2016 pea coat

With an extremely rich history, the pea coat is made of heavy wool, it has double breasted fronts and sometimes it comes with huge buttons. It gives to the one who wears it a very chic look, a little military but with a special elegance. This type of coat has a high collar, a detail that looks good and it is very elegant too, being able to protect you very well from cold and wind.
Keep in mind another very important aspect and I am referring to the fact that it will bring a lot of benefits to any type of silhouette whether we are talking about an athletic one or a skinnier one.
If you want to protect yourself from the cold, to be elegant without being conservative, to be extraordinarily chic, then the pea coat is for sure the most suited coat for you.