Top 5 things you should never wear at work

At your job and not only there, during the day by day life, the way you dress is a part of your image. So this issue has a great importance. Think that is your career at stake and it’s up to you what message you’re sending by your look.


To help you with that quest, check out the following 5 things to avoid at your office attire:

1. Don’t wear wrinkled shirts since you are not on a beach or at an informal meeting.
2. Animal print – boosts horror for your office image
3. Dresses without underwear – totally forbidden
4. Low waist pants – this could be sensual I know, but not at the office
5. Sneakers – they are very comfortable but depends on the office environment so you’d better avoid them

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Clothes change your state of mind

The way you dress has a huge influence on everything you do during a day. This also influences a lot the people with whom you interact especially women, the way you are seen by others for example a suit will change your look and it influences your state of mind too.

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There are days when no outfit seems to fit us well enough. Psychologists are explaining that this happens not due to the clothes but because we get tired and we don’t like ourselves that much as we used to.
Still, analyzing things from the outfit’s perspective, clothes can change our state of mind. For example, a light dress can make you feel romantic and delicate; a business suit will boost up your confidence and a sport outfit will make you feel more energetic, more active.
The secret it’s to use these things to your favor with the help of creativity. Use the outfit’s ability to improve your state of mind like a cake or a walk to the beach. The same thing can be done with a well chosen dress.

The way you dress influences men

When you interact with the people around you, the way you dress matters especially if we’re talking about men. Actually it matters a lot.

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When you interact with a woman she will analyze whether you’re following the latest trends or not, if your outfit is well matched and if you are wearing it on the correct occasion. But men won’t do it at all. They won’t be jealous on you, won’t judge you (unless you run over a fashion stylist).
For men it matters to be decent, don’t be ridiculous and according to the occasion, to be of course hot.

Young men’s outfit for a picnic

Going out for a picnic is a nice activity and extremely relaxing. But, in order to feel perfect you need an appropriate outfit.
Let’s start with your footwear. Sneakers are the ideal decision.

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Second, jeans are perfect for the job since they are so comfortable and versatile.

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If it’s warm take a T-shirt but if it’s cooler a hoodie over it would be the best choice.

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Jeans at any age?

No doubt yes, it’s clear that jeans can be worn without worries at any age.

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How to dress in summer

Everybody is waiting for the summer to come, this is pretty ordinary. Still, when outside is warm, this can actually be a challenge if we’re talking about what we should dress.


Here are some tips which you might find useful:
– Pay attention to your footwear. I am a sport, casual fan but, in order to be chic, you can choose a pair of studded sandals

– Go for bright colors. It’s summer, it’s so nice outside so don’t you hide behind grey clothes! T-shirts rules – yes, that’s right, T-shirts (especially the white ones) are perfect for summer.

– Wear denim shorts, they seem to be a life savior and never get outdated

Do you go at work in sport shoes?

If your job allows it, why not? Of course you wouldn’t be able to do this if you are working within a bank.

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Over 40′ style mistakes

Once past 40 years old, a woman needs to feel fulfilled. Yes, you’re an over 40 women, so what? It’s not like the end of the world; in fact you’re living the mature period of your life so enjoy it.
Here are a few rule which, if followed, you will surely improve your look and feel awesome:
– Avoid no heels shoes. It’s true that you shouldn’t wear 9 inch heels shoes too, but no heels at all makes you look really old.
– Be very careful with your accessories: choose a decent bag, an elegant necklace and avoid wearing granny-glasses
– Continue to be informed and to use the latest gadgets (for example, you should have with you an Iphone not a tablet)
– Is mandatory to have your bra fitted perfectly. A wrong size will always disadvantage you.
– Don’t give up on skirts. Turning 40 has nothing to do with wearing skirts. Just be careful on their length. You could also try maxi skirts since they are very elegant and make you look chic.
– Be careful with colors: you don’t have to wear dark colors all the time. Be creative and cheer up your outfit now and then.

Denim jacket at work?

Yes, today I’m asking you this question. Do you think you can wear a denim jacket at job?

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In my opinion you can with the condition to have a job who allows it. If that’s your case, then you’re lucky because it’s a huge advantage to wear casual clothes at work.

Sexiest outfit for a woman

This question has always been present into the women’s minds. What outfit will make me look prettier and more sensual? Obvious we don’t talk about the swimming suits and lingerie here.
There are many opinions about this issue. During this article I will try to point out only a few pieces of a woman’s outfit which I consider to be the hottest ones.
First of all, we have to talk about miniskirts.

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Indeed, miniskirts are definitely the sexiest clothes. The only condition is to be well matched and not to fall into the trap of vulgarity.

An extremely sensual element from a woman’s wardrobe are shorts. Especially denim shorts if they are worn right they can be really awesome.

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Another extremely hot piece of outfit is the little black dress. Yes, that’s right; you shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Little Black Swim Dress

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Yes, for the ones who are creative, the little black dress is a lethal weapon which can transform them into very hot women.

Within this article I’ve brought into discussion only some pieces of a woman’s outfit which can be used to create a very attractive outfit. Of course there are also many others which can do the same but I’ll let you find out yourself. Anyway remember that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

Can you wear jeans in fall?

To answer this question from the beginning I have to say that the answer is no doubt yes. Of course you can.

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Actually, one of the most important qualities of jeans is that you can wear them in any season. They can be worn without troubles with a large variety of outfits like:
– Checkered shirts
– T-shits
– Cardigans
– Any other combo, just be creative
So, versatile and good value for the money, jeans is a key element in your wardrobe.