Men’s Trends You Need To Know For 2016

Trends for gents are in a continuous evolution like those for women. Of course it will be impossible for us to cover it all, so here are a few of them, ones relevant we can say.

Crepe-soled shoes 2016 trends
Crepe-soled shoes 2016

It is an interesting and very comfortable trend, specific for those who loved to wear casual footwear. This kind of casual shoes, are so versatile and has perfect features like rubber sole, breathable and comfortable material, classic design, 2-eyes, lace up, high quality sole and very flexible. They are perfect for summer and not only.

Distressed jeans 2016 trends
2016 mens distressed jeans

Love to be chic and comfy? Well, if yes, those jeans are perfect. Your denim should be ripped, patched, bleached – all but destroyed, basically. Versatile enough to give you the liberty of combination, distressed jeans are a great solution and a magic trend in 2016.

Suede 2016 trends
best suede jacket 2016

Well, yes vintage trends continues for the new season, so if you are debating investing in a suede jacket, rest assured that it will carry you through to the summer. Season’s suede is not only light as a feather, it also comes in warm and eminently summery shades of tan, brown and caramel.

Drawstring trousers 2016 trends
Drawstring trousers 2016

This is a sport-inspired piece and, yes it is so much trend. Obviously it is comfortable and you can wear it in various situations.

Espadrilles 2016 trends
2016 espadrilles

Espadrilles are actually rope-soled shoes perfect for the beach, but not only. Due to their versatility if you choose the right color you can wear it in such a various ways. Worth to say that the comfort is an important aspect and if you will wear it not only that you will be on trend but also your feet will feel absolutely extraordinary. Of course it depends on the situation but this model of shoes is chic and is not surprising that it maintains on the top of gents preferences.

Corduroy Skirt, Fashionable or Not?

Everybody knows what corduroy skirts are. If they are fashionable or not, well, this is a longer discussion.

best corduroy skirt

rduroy skirt

ladies corduroy skirt

amazing corduroy skirt

First of all, the corduroy skirt, before being fashionable is extremely comfortable. We all know the belief that comfortable clothes are not elegant. Obviously, I don’t agree with that belief.
The corduroy skirts are extremely fashionable if they are properly matched with the rest of your outfit. If you succeed to find the perfect combo, then yes, you can say without the fear of being wrong that the corduroy skirts are fashionable.

Grunge Style 2015-2016

The word “grunge” was formed from the regressive derivation of the word “grungy”. It started being used around 1964-1965. Into the fashion world it made its debut at the beginning of the 90’s. The grunge style’s motto is “simple is better”. Indeed in this style simplicity is very desirable. In addition it is also an attitude, a way of living. If you don’t feel grunge, it will be difficult to wear it.
Basically, the grunge style requires a lot of colors and a willingly neglected look. But since we are talking about the grunge style for women, it requires a lot of attention.

You can wear flannel for example.

flannel shirt

flannel shirt 2

flannel 3

Also, the boots have to be included into your outfit.

women boots


Don’t forget a maxi skirt since in combo with the boots looks great.

maxi skirt 2015

maxi skirt 2015-2016

maxi skirt

Dressing grunge doesn’t mean you should ignore the accessories. Especially belts and sunglasses should be your favorite.
As I was saying above, the most important thing when it comes to the grunge style is to keep it simple.

Guide to Dressing Normcore this Summer 2015

Normcore is a relative new fashion style, a style that promotes normality. Its adepts encourage the idea of regular dressing, without drawing the attention in a flashy way.
Many people have recently adopted a relaxed style and very… normal.

2015-2016 normcore

best normcore trends 2015

best normcore 2015

normcore 2015-2016
Normcore is, if you would like, a reaction to the hurricane called “fashion” which conquered the minds of all teenagers from all over the world. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans, dress normally, dress only for you, these are the norms of this fashion trend. And yes, it is true, especially the last part, it is best to dress in a way that you will enjoy it.
Visually, the Normcore resembles normality if we can say it this way. Another aspect is that this style will greatly individualize you. Well yes, dress normal, dress for your own pleasure, be yourself and don’t act like everybody else who is obstinately wearing a specific piece of clothing.
Some specialists identify the Normcore to be a direction moreover a trend. This is for sure NOT an anti-fashion trend, it is not about rebelling. It is about creating a more streamlined, a more basic wardrobe using mainstream market clothing.

White Shoes – Love it or Not?

I’ve decided to talk about the white shoes because I’ve heard many women saying that they are very hard to match with other pieces of outfit. Or that it is very difficult to take care of them.
White footwear comes in a very large variety of shapes and models on the market. Today I will refer to only some models, maybe the most common ones.

White boots

white boots 2015

They are, if you would want, a symbol of elegance. If you have a little inspiration to find the ideal outfit combination, the result will be stunning. They go very well with a long winter coat, a short skirt and an elegant blouse. The effect will definitely be extraordinary, I can guarantee that.

White Flat Shoes

2015 white flat shoes

A relaxed outfit and especially a very comfortable one can be completed by a pair of white flat shoes. They can be worn without any worries during all seasons, still, during the summer they seem to be more appropriate.

White Sneakers

2015 2016 white sneakers

If you want to feel comfortable in any circumstance, then a pair of white sneakers is the best choice for you. They look fantastic and can be successfully combined with jeans, corduroy pants, short jeans or even denim skirts.

White Pumps

white pumps

A lot of elegance, grace and sensuality, these are the attributes given to you by a pair of white pumps.

White Platform Wedges

2015 platform wedges

This type of footwear is advantageous basically for almost all types of silhouettes. Indeed they can offer you first of all elegance and style. In addition, is essential that they will also bring a huge plus to your look. They will make your legs look longer therefore you will look taller. They are very comfortable and easy to wear therefore you only need to make sure you will get the most inspired combos.

Fashion Trends Fall 2015-2016

The woman’s fashion trends were many times surprisingly. They are made of brand new fashion elements and some older ones that remain constant over the years. It is about the so-called never go out of style pieces of outfit.

Oversized pieces of outfit

No matter if you have a perfect silhouette or you are a little chubby, the oversized pieces of outfit can bring you a lot of advantages. Therefore choose without worries oversized coats, XXL sweaters and large ponchos.

XXL sweater 2015

A lot of prints

Whether we are talking about floral prints, animal or geometrical prints, they are very trendy in the latest years.

2015 maxi skirt with floral print

Head to toe knitted clothes

Well, yes, head to toe knitted clothes can look amazing. Take for example a long blouse and a pair of knitted pants and you will feel comfortable and warm during the colder days.

2015 knitted sweater


Very common when we are speaking about the summer outfits, they can be present on the fall dresses too.

2015 dress with fringe

Spring Latest Fashion Trends 2015

The majority of women are looking forward for the arrival of the spring. And yes, you need to refresh your wardrobe into this season so you have to be aware of the latest trends.

Here are some fashion trends for the spring of 2015:

Suede coats – You may choose any color but even the neutral ones can create some interesting outfit combinations.
2015 suede coats

Flower prints – This is, if you would like, a timeless piece of outfit that every spring is a big hit.
2015 floral prints

Ripped jeans – It is a type of jeans very chic and versatile.
2015 ripped jeans

Poncho – Launched more intensely within the fashion trends during the latest years, they maintain their success also in the spring of 2015.
2015 poncho

These trends and maybe some that were not mentioned here are important and help us to build an image about how the trends for the next season will look like. Still, your daily outfit, the one in which you find yourself, the one that you create on your own should be the one that reflects best your personality.

Office Fragrance for Women 2015

Nowadays, most women have a very active life, trying to split themselves between family and job. Unfortunately, we spend most of the time at work so, along with the day by day outfit, any fashionista is very careful to the fragrance she is wearing at the office.
Honestly speaking, when it comes to think at what perfume you should wear at work, it is very wise to treat this subject carefully. Yes, this is true, because there are many companies that have into their dress code very well specified that strong fragrances are not allowed. I hope you will find helpful the following selection of perfumes for office:

Bvlgari Bvlgari pour Femme
Bvlgari Bvlgari pour Femme

This perfume is, if you would like, a very balanced one, delicate and feminine, but also bold from its late notes. It is a versatile and interesting fragrance which will definitely make a positive impression to your co-workers.

Donna Karan Dkny Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by Donna Karan for Women
Donna Karan DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by Donna Karan

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a gentle, delicate, elegant and very feminine fragrance. It is the perfect choice for office wear because it has a mixed pallet of notes made of grapefruit, rose and jasmine petals.

Tom Ford White Patchouli by Tom Ford
Tom Ford White Patchouli by Tom Ford

Elegance and refinement, these two words describe very well this perfume. Launched in 2008, this fragrance continues to have many fans. It is a perfect mix between white flowers, patchouli, jasmine and rose.

Essence Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez
Essence Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez

Essence is a very successful fragrance with a very elegant and stylish touch. It is a gorgeous fragrance with a very clean scent. For sure it will not be overpowering.

Mitsouko By Guerlain For Women
Mitsouko By Guerlain For Women

Launched many years ago (in 1920), this perfume is a fruity one with notes of jasmine, peach and cinnamon.

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs
Daisy Dream

Daisy Dream is a new perfume on the market, launched last year and we can say already that it is a successful one. It is a delicate fragrance, fruity-floral, perfect for an office day.

Women’s Cardigan – style and versatility 2015

A cardigan, is a must-have in any modern women’s wardrobe! It is practical, convenient and very current. Cardigan is a sweater with buttons and deep V neckline, woven or knitted fabric, this is a perfect replacement in less office outfits, casual example. Ancestor cardigan vest seems to be male, and roots come from the army’s appearance General James Brudenell (officer in the British Army who commanded the Light Brigade during the Crimean War) who worn a similar pattern blouse in military clothes, to warm up better.

Like an impeccably tailored jacket, a quality cardigan should not miss from your wardrobe. It can be an ideal clothing solution that complements an elegant and contemporary look. Although over time the designers have reinterpreted it in so many ways, the cardigan has not lost its classic charm and utility, it works equally well both for women and men. Nevertheless it is used prevalent by women.

A cardigan can be a great option if you want an outfit with several outfits superimposed. A dress or a skirt and a shirt can be paired with a thin cardigan cashmere.
Works perfect in combo with jeans. For a casual outfit, wearing a matching cardigan with jeans and a shirt with lace applications with a shirt or flowering. The look can be completed by a pair of boots and a necklace.

cardigan for women 2015

best cardigan for ladies 2015-2016

cardigan for women 2015-2016

Modern and comfortable cardigan withstood the test of time and remains a reference piece in the history of fashion.

2015 Perfume Trends

Fragrance lovers are very excited with what 2015 will bring.There are so many perfume houses on the market. I find somewhat a lottery to sustain certain that you can accurately predict their evolution.

Still, I believe that spring of 2015 looks like it will bring a cavalcade of light, and fresh perfumes, perfect for this season. In fact it is only natural considering that is the trend in recent years. And by the way linked to the trend, here are some perfumes of spring that will maintain in trend for the spring of 2015:

Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey
spring fragrance for men  2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
ultimate fragrance for spring 2015

Moschino Couture
ultimate fragrance for spring 2015-2016

Regarding the summer of 2015 major trend is to go the natural shades, which is gratifying. Rose and Mint are apparently base notes for most of the perfume houses.

Summer fragrance which will maintain in trend could be:

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Parfum
calvin klein

Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush Women
summer fragrance for women 2015-2016

Valentino Valentina Assoluto Eau De Parfums
ultimate summer fragrance for women 2015-2016

Regarding fall winter 2015-2016 season the major trend of the last years trends continue emphasizing the sophisticated and sensual sensations. Here are some interesting fragrance which will be in trend :

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau De Parfum
orchid tom ford

BURBERRY for Women
fall winter fragrance for women 2015-2016

Christian Dior J’Adore Eau De Parfum
fragrance 2015

Men’s gift for Christmas 2014-2015

It doesn’t matter if you want it or not, Christmas and new Year are coming soon. Along with the snow, parties and confetti, you have to buy a gift for the man you love (husband or boyfriend, whatever).
Since I believe that everyone wishes to put a big smile on the face of their loved ones, I thought I should help you with some gift ideas that I’m sure you will enjoy.


Elegant and always trendy, the blazer is a must have element in the wardrobe of any man. He will never think he has too many, be sure of that. Check what color he is missing or choose a more casual model for a larger versatility.

blazer for men 2015-2016

men's blazer 2015-2016

blazer for gents 2015-2016


Yes, this is a classic gift but you can’t fail with it. No matter if he is a watch passionate or not, he will be very happy if you will give him a quality watch. Be careful of course on his working environment and according to it choose the watch you want to offer.

mens wristwatch 2015

gents watch 2015-2016

watch for men 2015-2016

Shaving kits

They are always handy when you ran out of ideas and are very useful too. Whether he uses it at home or when traveling, it will always be helpful to have one.

shaving kit 2015-2016

shaving kit for men 2015

2015 shaving kit


You must know that men love perfumes as much as women do. Therefore a quality fragrance (if you can find his favorite perfume, even better) will bring him great joy.

men fragrance 2015

best mens perfumes 2015

mens fragrance 2015


A perfect Christmas gift could be a belt. It will definitely be a well appreciated gift.

mens belts 2015

gents belts 2015

mens belt 2015

The cap – fashionable or not?

The cap is a very well known accessory. It has a double role: it will protect you from the sunlight and it will improve your look by being very chic.
No matter if we are speaking of a classic cap or a snapback cap, they are much loved by everybody.
The answer of the question from the title of the article is found on the street. And yes, there we can see that not only during the warm season, but also in the cold one caps are worn a lot.
Very chic and always trendy, these are the characteristics of caps.