Women’s Trench Coats Autumn 2015-2016

A trench coat is for sure a must-have into your wardrobe. Why, you might wonder. Well, it is a classic piece of outfit, timeless and very chic. It is iconic for the British style, but very common and appreciated worldwide, including in North America.

2015-2016 trench coats for women

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The trench coat imposes itself as one of the basic pieces of clothing for the summer of 2015. It is extraordinary light, very comfortable and of course indispensible for the transition period between seasons. Bear in mind that a trench coat is also versatile. Its possibilities of matching with other pieces of clothing are endless. This type of coat is usually preferred in colors like grey or black which gives them a special elegance. Interesting is the fact that a trench coat is also verstile. Try to be a little careful with the combo’s but do not restrict your personality and creativity.

You should know about a trench coat to appreciate the details like for example the black margins and such. You can match it with a midi skirt or with a business suit. A chic formal look can be completed with a pair of high heels. Accessorize this outfit with dark shoes and you will look very elegant.
If you enjoy wearing relaxed outfits, you can try the following combo: a trench coat in a light color (for example light grey) and a pair of jeans. You will look very chic, I can guarantee.
Another special combo can be made by wearing a shirt over a dress. True, in this way you will look very chic and with a touch of romance. Of course it will create also a stylish look.
A trench coat is a stunning piece of outfit that can pull you out of the crowd in any circumstance therefore you should try wearing it in various combos. The results won’t disappoint you, that’s for sure.

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