Women’s Tips to Look Taller

Not everybody had the luck to be born with top-model silhouette. But, in order to create the illusion of some inches more, you have to be creative and to game master proportions.

womens suit 2015

Therefore, here are some tips that I hope you will find useful:
– V shape cleavage – along with the sensuality note you will get by it, you will also look taller.
V shape cleavage dress 2015

– Wear only a single color. One color from head to toe draws the attention to the line of your body and will make you look taller.
single color suit 2015

– Wear vertical lines. Vertical lines can make you look taller, there’s no doubt about that.
vertical lines dress 2015

– Wear high heels – simple, indeed, this method is very efficient.
high heels 2015

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