Sweatpants aren’t exactly the most elegant pants but they are extremely comfortable. And with pockets, they are absolutely perfect so with a lot of creativity and attention we can wear them without worries.
So maybe you are wondering where exactly you can wear sweat pants? Well, check out the following:
– Inside the house – no doubt they are very cozy
– When going shopping – not exactly the best choice, but, hmmm, let’s leave it this way
– At a picnic – yes, they are really OK for going to a picnic
– For gym workout – as I’ve already said because they are very comfortable they let you move freely when making exercises
– When you want to hide some body imperfection

Some are saying that sweatpants are actually a sloppy garment. I partially agree because it depends on with what other clothes you match them.
Anyway, here are some models of sweatpants with pockets:

It’s possible to look hot or sexy in sweatpants? I don’t know, it’s hard to tell, but if you follow the next 3 rules, your look will definitely be better:
1. They must be fit. The worst thing would be either to wear them too large or too tight.
2. Watch out for the combo you make because it’s important with what you are wearing them.
3. Be careful where you are wearing sweatpants because, as I’ve said earlier, this matters a lot.

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