Women’s sandals 2014

We all love sandals even if for different reasons and I’m sure that every woman has at least one pair into their closet. Some of the sandals benefits are:
– Dry feet – the air flows and keep you feet dry
– Easy to put on – especially the ones without buckets to bind
– Your feet breaths – because the feet isn’t covered with material
– Good for your health – there’s no place to harbor fungus
– More affordable – maybe because of the less material or I don’t know but the fact remains
– Very comfortable – the ones without high heels of course
– Extremely versatile – you can wear them with a lot of outfits and on different occasions
– Never go out of style – no matter of their design, sandals were actually the first footwear made and are still used while sneakers for example are much, much younger

Well, I believe that you wish to know the 2014’s women sandals trends now so here they are:

Gladiator sandals – while Anna Sui went playful, Rebecca Minkoff and Richard Chai were more direct

– Dressed up sandals – a trend from last spring which was refreshed by Cloe, Lanvin and Marc Jacobs

– Hippie sandals with socks – yes, as much as you might hate it (or not), this ugly shoe craze seems to be still trendy in 2014

– Chuncky platform sandals – designers like Marcus Wainwright and David Neville used them into their shows while inspiring from the 90s fashion trends

– Strappy sandals – Roberto Cavalli’s favorites are dramatic knee high straps, Gucci adopted a simpler design and Emanuel Ungaro went with a playful note

– Braided sandals – in multiple colors will surely get you out of the crowd

– Flat sandals – Riccardo Tisci choose them into his shows to emphasize the freshness of women

– Colors: white, metallic colors, silver, ivory

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