Women’s ripped jeans latest trends 2014

Jeans are often preferred by women all around the world. Original from the 70-80s (the rock influence), ripped jeans are being extremely trendy for many years now.
women's ripped jeans 2014

This type of jeans belongs to the casual style but there are actually a lot of fashion specialists who are saying that they are going forward to the smart-casual style. Well yes, they go very well with a blazer or even with a pair of high heels so there you go, you have a smart-casual outfit.
But be careful how you wear your ripped jeans because this is a piece of outfit which has to be perfectly matched and you should also pay extra attention to where you are wearing them.
ripped jeans for women

Ripped jeans can be worn by all women no matter their figure (body shape).
Here are some tips to consider when wearing them:
– If you are thin then you are very lucky because you can choose any model of ripped jeans
– If you are short avoid as much as possible to wear the ripped parts over your knees since it will make you look even shorter
– If you have big thighs choose a pair of ripped jeans which have a straight cut
Bottom of line, keep in mind that it is extremely important what type of jeans are suited for a certain outfit or for a specific occasion.

ripped jeans 2014

ripped jeans for womens

ladies ripped jeans

If you can’t find a pair of ripped jeans on your taste then you can actually make your own pair by cutting one pair of common jeans. Therefore you only need some scissors and a pair of normal jeans to complete this easy task. I would advise you to draw in advance the lines where you want to make the cuts and don’t hesitate, keep your hand firm and you can’t go wrong.

How you can wear ripped jeans

This type of jeans, as I was saying earlier, is very important with what it is matched. It is essential to be very creative because if you succeed to make some successful combos, then the effect will be truly awesome. Still, this type of outfit is always within the latest trends not only for its versatility but also for being incredibly chic.
One first idea about how you can wear them will be to match it with a floral printed shirt, plus a pair of high heel boots.

ripped jeans 2014-2015

This type of jeans can be also matched with a funny printed T-shirt. And if it is a little chilly outside you could wear a cardigan over it.
Basically what ripped jeans mean for me:
– Cool – yes, a cool look is one of the most important characteristics which can be offered by a pair of ripped jeans
– Comfort – no doubt, like any other pair of regular jeans, the ripped ones give you a nice comfort sensation which can’t be neglected.
– Versatility – as I was also saying above, ripped jeans can be worn not only with casual outfits but also with smart-casual ones. This will make it easier for you when it comes to decide what you will wear, right?
– Nonconformist – it is obvious that you will get such a look if you are wearing this type of jeans. If you succeed to find the perfect combination you will get an extremely nonconformist outfit.
– Durability – well yes, like any other pair of jeans, these too are durable. Still, it seems a little funny to be talking about durability when speaking about ripped jeans, isn’t it?
– Hand-made – you can make them by yourself using an old pair of jeans and if you have imagination and a steady hand you can really personalize your outfit.
Ripped jeans are very nice and cool, they never go out of fashion trends and you definitely should have one in your wardrobe.

ladies rippes jeans 2014

ladies ripped jeans

ladies ripped jeans 2014-2015

Tips: if you are short, you should choose a pair of ripped jeans with the ripped parts above your knees in order to look taller.

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