T shirts is a very important element of a woman’s outfit. And when I say this not just mean warm season for shirt can be worn in any season. There is hardly any outfit, except strict dress code sites such as office or black tie, the classic tee can not be included. But besides simple shirts lately have come to our attention shirts with various prints with which you can build outfits eclectic, yet comfortable.
In addition to what I said above, that can be worn in any season, another aspect that I really like is that t shirt is very versatile. Here are some models of T-shirts with print that I personally like very much:

Tropical print shirt

tropical print t shirt for women 2014

women's printed t shirts 2014

Womens printed t shirts 2014

Tropical print shirt helps you build a very modern outfit inspired by the landscapes of tropical destinations. It is one of the bidding trends of the current season. Beware sophisticated heels: classical ballet loafers or a pair of rope and canvas helps you stay in the same area style.

Floral printed t shirt

floral printed t shirt 2014

printed floral t shirt

floral printed t shirt 2014-2015

This type of shirt, looking very romantic, fits into a casual chic outfit, pencil skirt with embroidered lace up mid calf or below the knee. Gate jersey floral skirt and necessarily stuck in heels: a retro shoe with thick heel in a neutral shade.

T shirt with cartoon print

printed cartoon t shirts for women 2014

t shirt with printed cartoon 2014

cartoon printed t shirts 2014

Shirt with cartoon print is a very funny shirt that you can wear in a wide variety of combination, most of all I like the combination with jeans.

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