For those who does not know already a parka is a long jacket that comes down to the knees, often waterproof, with a hood. Created by the Eskimos specifically to protect them from the cold, although today it looks different, it kept its main quality – it keeps you very warm. Indeed parka was invented by the Eskimos to be protected from the weather. In the beginning, it was made ​​of sealskin or caribou. Some models were given fish oil to be “waterproof”.
Also, because of the hood, it can protect you very well from the wind too.
A parka jacket is ideal for fall and winter, because it is comfortable and warm, but also it is very fashionable.

You can style the parka in so many different ways if you want. Try it with black boots and a long scarf, for example, with leggings and a simple t-shirt, with a dress, stockings and ankle boots looks very cute too. (it is a perfect autumn outfit). If you want to emphasize your figure choose a parka that can be narrowed at the waist, with no extra fur around the neck and you must wear boots with high heels.

There is nothing can save you better from the cold weather than a modern parka. Most of the designs come in mid length (till the hips), there is a warm hood embellished with fur, and cozy pockets. It’s a comfortable everyday outerwear, which is not only comfortable, but it’s also ideal for wearing with jeans, bright tops, plaid shirts and cozy knitted sweaters.
While factors such as warmth and protection are useful in determining a coat to wear all winter, also style should be discussed as a factor. A winter coat is often worn all season, sometimes for days on end.
As always with gear, the first thing to consider is where it will be used. You will wear it only on the way to work, or to a supermarket, or you are going frequently hiking and then you should be very careful to your parka features.

The following are reviews for the Best Parka Coats for Women in season 2016:

Canada Goose Women’s Victoria Parka
best parka for women 2017-2018

This is an amazing coat. Super warm, but not super bulky, lining feels good, good pocket position (there are two inside pockets too), the fur is nice, it’s just perfect. With a pair of jeans and ankle-boots it looks great.
Canada Goose Women’s Victoria Parka, is nicely fitted, has easy to open and close, angled side-entry front lower pockets, inside waist drawstring, wire in the hood that prevents it from blowing back and off, the zippers aren’t sharp so they won’t cut my hands when they’re dry and freezing, I can move around and sit and squat easily and still have a warm bottom. The cons would be that zipping it up all the way is too snug to be that high, and the hood doesn’t attach under the chin. You need to wear a sweater underneath, and a scarf to seal the wind and cold from getting in through the top even with it zipped up all the way.

Alpha Industries Women’s N-3B Natasha Slim Fit Nylon Parka
parka for women 2017-2018

First of all this parka coat has a huge value for the money. For a great price you get a fabulous coat for sure. It has amazing features such as:
-Dry Clean Only
-Inspired after the legendary n-3b parka which was originally designed for the u.s. Military
-This snorkel parka has less fill than the standard men’s n3b slim – still very warm as a protective outerwear layer.
– The n-3b style is currently one of alpha’s bestselling styles globally
– Knit waistband and cuffs make this snorkel parka great protection against the elements.
– Fabric type: 100 percent nylon; shell: 100 percent nylon; lining: 100 percent polyester fill

Canada Goose Women’s Shelburne Parka Coat
canada parka coat for ladies 2017-2018

Canada Goose Women’s Shelburne Parka Coat is a great piece of clothing great for hard winters. This coat is excellent! It fits true to size and the fur is very full. The hood is enormous and keeps the wind and snow out to your face. It does block my peripheral vision a bit so I need to pull it back a little when crossing the street. The coat itself is extremely warm and very well made, not to mention attractive and comfortable. The weight is on the heavier side, but sturdy and definitely manageable.
Literally the best coat that you can buy for the winter. Immune to the wind, powerful against the cold, durable for wear and tear, and not too hot when you’re indoors. Absolutely amazing coat.

Marc New York by Andrew Marc Dee Luxe Explorer Down Parka Coat
parka for ladies fall winter 2017-2018

This is definitely a must have parka. The fur inside gives it an unique look with great warmth. Bear in mind also that you will do a great deal, because you will get high value for the money you pay.

Eddie Bauer Sun Valley Parka
fashionable parka 2017-2018

This is a great parka coat which looks very nice and it has a great versatility.

Canada Goose Kensington Parka Coat
best parka for women 2017

Amazing warmth and fit and water proof too. Indeed an absolutely amazing coat for hard winter from your area.

Pajar Cougar Long Down Parka with Fur Hood
2015-2016 parka

The coat is beautiful and heavy. The fabric is substantial and so is the zipper (it weighs quite a bit). This is a high quality, serious parka great for fall or winter in the same amount.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka
expedition parka 2017-2018

Canada Goose Expedition Parka is looking beautiful, stylish and the warmest coat you could find for sure. It is also extremely versatile, you could wear it in many activities and situations.

Canada Goose Women’s Trillium Parka
ladies best parka 2017-2018

This is by far the warmest winter coat you ever see. It’s also pretty thin for how warm it is. If you are looking for a very warm winter coat, if you live in a northern climate and the winters can be brutally cold. This coat is perfect for warmth. The fur is luxurious and beautiful. It’s seriously one of the most beautiful parts of the coat. If you will stand outside getting gas, just keep the hood up and the fur completely blocks the wind – your face will be protected from cold.

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