Women’s Parka Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Fall and winter are quite unpredictable seasons therefore you have to protect yourself from cold and wind, while looking fabulous at the very same time.
The parka coat is a type of outerwear that has a hood (a very important element I might add), made of cotton and padded with natural or synthetic fur. Those are very popular among women in the last years. Actually, during the latest years, they had a strong come back because now, into the market, there are many models. In the year of 1959, the Vogue magazine declared this model of outerwear “the fashion piece of the moment”.

No matter your personal style (feminine, classic or bold), the parka coat is perfect in any circumstance.

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This type of outerwear is extremely versatile so you can associate it with a lot of garment elements. No matter if we are talking about leggings, skinny jeans or leather pants, it can be worn very well over a sweater, hoodies or blazers.
Created by the Eskimos specifically to protect them from the cold, although today it looks different, it kept its main quality – it keeps you very warm.
Also, because of the hood, it can protect you very well from the wind too.
Before thinking to buy a parka coat, be careful to the following aspects:
– Should perfectly fit you.
– Take care at its color.
– Choose a long one (parka coat) or a short one (parka jacket) according to your needs.
Parka is a fantastic investment over the years because this outerwear seems that will never go out of style.

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