When it comes to choosing the right lingerie for your body type does not matter if you have a pear shape or an hourglass. Matter what makes you feel really good! Where to begin? Well… start reading on for some tips and choices regarding your underwear less good.
Focus on your best parts (of course, while cover what you want to hide). If linen, the real power comes from confidence and attitude they emit. Draws attention to the parts that you want to highlight and remember that your husband think you’re fabulous no matter what you choose to wear.

The first rule in a linen dressing according to your body type is to focus on your qualities and hide problem areas. But the ground truth lies in your inner confidence and attitude. Your lover certainly will not notice that excess fat on your thighs – the fact that you’re obsessed with it stings cut. Accept your body and get hold of him. That every man wants to see. Here are some tips on exposure to the most delicious parts of your body type … and hide those you trust kills.

If you have a nice ass

Try boxers. Whether you opt for a combination of boxers or boxer shorts and bra and corset, nothing accentuates as much ass as a pair of boxers. Do not forget the high heels that make your legs and butt look long, smooth and toned.
To draw attention even more on the legs and bottom using a body oil or other lotion with body glitter. It will make you really shine.

If you have a large bust

Find support. There are many sets of bras and undershirts and underwear with wire. If you want to show your bust looking demi bras. If you bust large and small, with most bras with wire sets will not fit for you. Instead opt for a corset, which is more easily adaptable to your form.

What to wear with jeans pants

The jeans have a thicker material, which is why you can wear just about any type of lingerie from them, including regular briefs or boxers. What that should never wear thong underwear pants are exceeding waist and when you lean, become visible. The total effect denotes ugly vulgarity and certainly you do not want to be labeled as lacking in good taste.

What underwear to wear a large dress

As long as the dress is wide, you can wear any panties about it, including those of “granny” who have very high waist and are used mainly by people who have more fat in the abdominal area. The basic rule is that dress and underwear should not be in contrasting colors, especially if the dress is lighter. If a white dress, contrary to what most women think, the best choice for pants color is not white, but shades approaching the skin.

As long as the dress you have chosen is not molded, the only problem that need to be considered when choosing your underwear is to match the colors of the two pieces of clothing.

What underwear to wear under a formal dress

So far we have discussed the casual, but every woman must wear at least a few times in life a very stylish outfit. If you must go to an event and you have chosen a dress gala stylists recommend wearing underwear modeling, especially if you are dealing with the appearance of orange peel skin. Another common problem that occurs when molded or those stylish clothes is very unsightly and giving headaches to many women: fins. Modeling lingerie it can get rid of their unpleasant appearance and can offer you a supple appearance.

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