A leather jacket is a piece which should not miss in any situation from your wardrobe. It fits almost to any outfit combination, it can be worn on many occasions. Indeed we are talking about a fantastic piece of clothing which seems to never go out of style.

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If we are talking about colors, then we must say that black is probably the most appropriate and, of course, the most versatile. Anyhow this is not a fixed rule, because, depending on the occasion you can also wear other interesting colors.

A leather jacket looks great in any situation, no matter which is the combination you choose… So, no matter we are talking about a combo with a t-shirt, a tank top, a pullover, with jeans, with a dress, or with a skirt, no matter what, the leather jacket looks amazing. If you choose a combo with a dress, for sure you will look very special. This is the truth.

Depending on leather jackets, you can decide how much you accessorize the outfit. If you have a jacket containing many zippers, studs or metal rings, try as you may not upload bracelets, earrings or necklaces. Well, yes, it is alright, but maybe it is a little too much. It is important to be very well balanced.

Things to consider when choosing a leather jacket

Skin type – Natural or eco-friendly leather? BOTH! Qualitative substitutes have appeared for natural leather, which behaves very well over time, looks excellent and has the advantage of having a lower weight. Today’s leather jacket I bought especially to replace the previous one, made of ecological leather (from the pictures here), which withstood excellent use. If it weren’t for the bad coat hanger at work, it would have been fine today. Natural leather is also divided into different quality categories. I noticed that the supple, flexible skin behaves better, over time acquiring a look full of personality, not a ragged one. Mine has already come full of personality, being handmade. So so lovely!

Color – Being an expensive product, which will be used for many years in a row, it is preferable that a leather jacket can be worn with as many clothes in the wardrobe. I have great doubts that a fuchsia pink would be the first option, so the first choices are neutral colors. Which of these neutrals is the most suitable is very much related to the pre-colored color palette. Now, I am far from being a being with a practically developed sense, I like to wear many light colors and I will always lean towards them, as can be seen today. On the other hand, if your wardrobe is full of neutrals and you feel the need for something to refresh it, it is very possible that a leather jacket in a special color is exactly what you need.

Length – For women who choose skirts and dresses in the cold season, a short leather jacket is very suitable, as it helps to shape the silhouette. Because of or due to the fact that I walk a lot, I prefer pants and therefore a (slightly) longer jacket – both for fashion and thermal comfort reasons. I am one of the coldest beings on this planet and I like to be wrapped, hunched over and protected from the cold.

Lining – First of all, it must exist. Then the seams should be impeccable and its color should match that of the jacket. You would be amazed at what crazy colors I saw ruining the inside of some jackets in neutral colors.

Leather jacket should not miss from your wardrobe, this is for sure. And the reasons are multiple. This piece looks tremendous, we must admit that. Also a leather jacket looks great in any combinations and in any situation during the day and evening. This jacket is very trendy, and that is happening for many years. Try to have that in mind. This jacket could always complete your look, no matter the situation can save your day. Be very creative and brave when you choose the combination of your outfit, and remember that a leather jacket is always perfect.

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