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Made of a durable fabric called denim, which made it difficult to dirty but also easy to wash, indigo trousers originally conceived for the workers conquered the teens of the 1960s. Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando or James Dean were among the first “derbedes” to wear these garments on the big screens.

In Spain they are called “vaqueros” or “tejanos” in Danish – “cowboybukser”, ie cowboy trousers, the Chinese say “niuzaiku”, Hungarians – “farmernadrag”, bulgarians – “donkey”, Dutchmen – spijkerbroek. And the Romanians, “blue-jeans” or simply “jeans.” No matter how they are told in every language, indigo pants are always associated with America.

Their history, however, starts now more than 500 years in Italy, in Genoa. The term “blue-jeans” comes from the French “bleu de Genes”, in the translation “Genoa Blue”, a fabric of wool and cotton. Although we call them “blue-jeans,” the pants have been made of denim since then, a fabric whose composition has changed over the centuries. The history of the denimpo is to be traced back to France at the end of the sixteenth century, where a fabric called the “serge de Nîmes” was used, ie “fabric of the city of Nîmes”. “Serge de Nîmes”, however, was a mixture of silk and wool, a composition that makes some historians doubt the connection with the current denim, which is now made of cotton only. Thus, the origin of the word still denies a controversial subject, especially at that time that a fabric with a diagonal drawing called them is still made in France. Over time, two types of denim denim fabrics have become popular, the latter being the most expensive. The most important difference between them is that the denimulera is woven with a colored (warp) and a white yarn (yarn), while the jeanera is woven with two colored yarns.

Here are some more interesting and versatile models that can be worn this autumn:

1. High waist

The super tall, not very tight and overhanged jeans are reinterpreted by Georgian Demna Gvasalia, the designer Vetements, and obviously appreciated by all fashion lovers. You can wear them with shorts or short tops and very sexy sandals, but also with a pair of Mary Jane.

2. Ultra classic

We are talking about the famous Levis 501 model that has come back to strength: their waist is medium and straight cut. If you feel like they are too classy, ​​do your courage and relive them! Take a scissors and cut them as you please! Our recommendation is to match this model of jeans with a pair of moccasins and an oversized white shirt that we advise you to wear inside your trousers.

3. Open in color

When we talk about trendy spring-summer fashion jeans 2018, you have to know that I can be very light blue or even white. This does not mean that you have to wear them with fancy shoes, on the contrary, the white jeans look super cool with a pair of chopped vintage and a XXL black sweater. So she wears white jeans all the seasons.

4. Wide leg

Extremely wide juniors are usually suitable for long-sleeved silhouettes, but with platforms, this model will look spectacular on the minions as well. The most important thing is to wear less bulky pieces at the top.

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