Hat is the kind of accessory which can help greatly your outfit. Whether you leave the house for a meeting, for shopping or to walk in the park this accessory will help you be in trend, moreover if it is cold it will keep you warm and will protect you from the sun’s rays.

Not to be confused with cap, cap can use especially if you have short hair and if you are a fan of sports outfits.

But back to hats. How do you choose your hat, well of course, this depends on what you dress, but your face shape matters a lot. So the choice of hat should keep in mind your face conformation.

Square face: as with glasses, sweeten features sharp curves. Choose rounded shapes such as bells or bowler hat of to counter and mitigate the quadratic shape of your face.

Oval face: in this case to lower facial height, so wear flat brimmed hats beret type hat, straw for a rustic look or a chic pout matched with a pair of large sunglasses to add width and to complete a perfect look elegant.

Narrow forehead: in this situation must compensate this type of profile height, so choose the highest and Stetson hats (cowboy hats), panama hat, or long half-brimmed Borsalino not to crush face.

There are several types of hats to be worn feasible in this autumn winter season.


Fedora hats are rampant among the stars and are all the rage for some time. First appeared in collections for men of the 19th century, but now they are worn including parties and red carpet chic. You can associate with any style: elegant dresses, suits, leather blouses, white shirts – in any event, day or night. It’s the kind of hat but retains universal and unique at the same time without them decrease of elegance.

Gaucho hat

Are dramatic, extravagant, but easier to wear than high. They brimmed and are expressive and seductive. Wear them only on special occasions such as cocktail dresses or accessories austere suits, business.

Cowboy hats

There are not recommended by specialists in fashion but they are terribly loved by many ladies.

Cloche hat

If vintage style suits you, choose a Cloche hat, inspired by ’20s fashion. These hats in neutral shades fit feminine dresses, skirts, suits business and tight clothing trench sites. Vintage wear shoes with low heels and leather gloves.

Fur hat

Yes, however you surprise them there and more than that are very fashionable. Seem strange, but some women just love them. And if winter comes here it’s the perfect season to see if you look good with them. Choose colors like brown, gray, black or white, but painted purple fur eccentric or green, depending on your eye color. Fur hats fit lace dresses with leather pants and business outfits.

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