Women’s floppy sun hats 2014

Nothing screams summer more than a floppy sun hat. You might want to shade your face at the beach or just to make an entrance at the pool, it doesn’t matter the reason, floppy sun hats will surely make you look cool during the summer.Today I want to talk about the women’s floppy sun hats 2014.

Take advantage on the woven straw hats which have lots of room to breathe and bet your hair enjoys the carefree summer days. Wear it down in straight layers or in bouncing curls.Forget the extravagant hairstyles for the moment.

A floppy sun hat will add a sense of mystery to your outfit while keeping your skin safe from the sun.

How to choose the right floppy sun hat:
– If you wear cute swimsuits with bows and polka dots then straw floppy sun hats will be perfect for you. It will be best if you’ll choose simple models considering you already have a lot of details on your bathing suit
– If you like wearing very sleek and tailored swimsuits then choose tightly woven straw floppy hats and you can add personality with a solid wide ribbon around it or a large flower
– If your swimming attire is a casual one then go with floppy sun hats in colorful canvas
– The color of the hat doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your swim suit. Depends on your personality and purpose: if you are bold then you will definitely stand out with a floppy sun hat that contrasts in a dramatic way while a matching one will give a cohesive look to your swimming attire if you are a more conservative person
– Floppy sun hats are usually in light colors like beige, cream and white, but you can stand out of the crowd with a surprising gold one
– If you have a simple bathing suit choose striped or polka dotted versions to balance your outfit
– If you have to travel a while before arriving at the beach, then choose a floppy sun hat. In this way is easy to toss in your beach bag and will bounce back to its original shape
– When wearing a black swimsuit choose a colorful hat to bring life to your outfit

Coming to the 2014 trends for women’s floppy sun hats, the basics are:

– Classic navy sun hat from J. Crew
– Straw hats promoted by Rag & Bone
– Wide brimmed hats – celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Zoe are going sun-safe with them
– Oversized orange floppy sun hats
– Retro faded floral patterns from the 1960s

Tips on how to wear a floppy sun hat:
– Although dark colors are sophisticated and elegant, wear them only when the sky is overcast because they will draw a lot of heat
– Pair them with oversized sunglasses and large earrings
– Tie around the hat in a bow your favorite silk scarf.In this way you will add personality to your beach outfit
– For a stronger statement, contrast your hat with your outfit
– If it’s windy outside wear floppy sun hats which have slim ties that you can fasten beneath your chin
– Wear them with maxi dresses for a 70s inspired look

In the end, one more thing I’d like to say: the floppy sun hats add a stylish look to your beach wardrobe while being highly practical by shielding you from the sun so don’t hesitate to wear one.


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