The fashion industry is determined to bring back faded jeans and the trend of the ’70s is mostly responsible for this.

But for those of us who spent the last 10 years in skinny jeans, the new silhouettes may seem a little out of date. I still remember that skinny jeans were also used in the ’80s, so this argument is the first to say. How do we wear fancy jeans for a current look? It’s all about details and a mild accessory.

From a styling perspective, it’s easy to understand why skinny jeans have been on the trend for so long. Whatever you wear, you just can not be wrong. If they are too long you can blow them or even cut for an unfinished look. Molded on the body, it looks good with large, oversized tops, but also with the camber, and in shoes you can wear anything from boots to knee to UGG or stiletto sandals. It simply goes.

A few years ago you probably looked, like me, naked at the skinny jeans, trying to imagine how you could fit in their straitjackets. After seeing that not only the models on fashion podiums with their ultra-thin legs wear, you have gone to attack, and now with certainty in your wardrobe there are a few models for each occasion. What’s more, they’ve become friends for you. The problem is that for some time, skinny jeans have just come out of the radar of fashion shows, designers reorienting to somewhat more … relaxed patterns.

Moreover, your old friends, probably worn by the 90s, have returned: absolutely incredible for some, the fancy jeans are back in fashion. Their origins are somewhere in the 1970s, when the hippie fashion was in power and everyone was wearing them: see Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, etc.
Find your soul mate: in terms of fancy jeans, of course. If the skinny jeans could be combined with a low-heeled shoe, boots or heels, when it comes to flags, the options are getting smaller.

So, you should know that if you choose fancy jeans, you should wear heels or platforms – otherwise, your feet may look short and even thick.
Caring for the hem! In case you do not want to stop or just step on the hem, take your heel shoes with you when you want to buy a pair of beaded jeans. So you’ll figure out if the hem is too long or too short.

If you found a wonderful pair but too long, you can adjust it to the tailor. The same is not true for your pants too short – you do not want to go to the area if you are not willing to tighten the lower heels.

Are you a minion? Extremely scarred trousers do not necessarily benefit your proportions. Try better models – with a slightly smaller bell.

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