Women’s fashion trends – spring 2014

The fashion trends are always announced before you could actually see them on the streets because the most important designers are anticipating them very well.

The spring hasn’t arrived literally, but on catwalks it’s already there. Still, the street fashion will be the one which will validate, as I’ve always said, the catwalks from Milano, New York or London.
For the spring of 2014 I’ve identified some clear aspects:
– Tribal trends are back. Worshiped by some, hated by others, it doesn’t matter, they are a part of the spring’s fashion trends in 2014
– Also, the 80-90s style is back, not very obvious indeed, but you can’t ignore it
– Floral prints are highly represented and it’s quite normal I guess since there wouldn’t be spring without them, right? So, the fashion trends for the spring of 2014 are celebrating them too.
– As for the colors, orange is strongly coming back which is not bad considering that it’s a lively and bright color
– The minimalist style is still here and that is very good because if we complicate things we increase our chances to get everything wrong therefore… keep it simple

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