We build our outfit according to the event we have to attend, whether if it is during the day or evening. Of course, there are some boundaries within which we can express our preferences, tastes and personality.
If it is to talk about the dress code, it can be defined as a series of rules that demand a certain outfit according to the event.
The variety isn’t too wide when we are talking about the dress code but it still exists. It is about a detail of color, of cut.
Let’s analyze some dress code options.

Black Tie
This is a serious dress code, maybe a little strict but extremely vigorous. It is characteristic for the high class events, for the evening (balls, charity events). In this case it would be best to wear a long gown with minimalist and high quality accessories. The dress should better be in dark colors therefore you should avoid veering red, yellow and pink.
evening dress

White Tie
This style requires a long evening dress, delicate jewelries, a clutch and a pair of elegant sandals. You can try to wear brighter colors but be careful to the details.
evening red dress

Cocktail dress

For such an event, the best option is to choose a dress that stops immediately over your knees. Therefore we are talking about a midi-dress. You should avoid mini dresses or the ones with too deep cleavages.
midi dress

This style doesn’t necessarily means you have to wear a classic deux-piece. Also, it isn’t mandatory to have the blazer in the same color as the skirt or the trousers.
business suit

Smart casual
This is a dress code that requires simplicity and minimalism. Indeed, it’s all about these key concepts. Choose simple dresses, pants and casual blazers.

The comfort is the main quality of the casual style. Still, you should be careful not to cross the border and switch to the sport style.

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