The image of a return to nature, to the simple life, free from urban bustle, this things can characterize the clog. Shoes of Dutch origin, longer wear and rural areas of Galicia and Asturias, clogs are back in fashion in recent years, and women worldwide has adopted immediately.

Blocks or “clogs”, as they are called in the fashion world, are ideal for a casual and relaxed image. Famous fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, reinterpreted and used those shoes in many presentation of their collections.

Models and materials from which they are made were very diverse – plastic, flat, peep-toes type, but the traditional ones are made from a single piece of wood.

Here are a few great aspects related related to clogs:
– they are versatile , work well with so many different styles and looks, virtually anyone can pull off clogs with just a little bit of inspiration
– looks very chic, wear them with a big smile on your face and a cute outfit and everything will be great
– gives you fresh new look
– they are very feminine

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Clogs can be worn with style cigarette pants, midi skirts or short dresses with flower prints. The more cut, the more you will elongate the leg. Will have the same visual effect with the boots – shorten your legs. To counteract this, choose a pair of nude shoes in a shade close to the skin – will create the impression of a longer foot. A pair of black shoes will look great with black trousers. Also you can try to dress more relaxed try casual combo’s with jeans (eventually ripped jeans), t-shirts, and trucker jackets.

Things about clogs:
– In the UK, the clogs were made of leather and wood. With the industrial revolution, the workers began to wear them in factories and mines.
– In Germany, were associated with work shoes and now those kind of shoes are also used for gardening or farming.
– In the Spanish regions like Asturia, Cantabria and Galicia, there is a long tradition of manufacturing clog shoes.
– In France XVII century and XIX century clogs were designated to lower classes.

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