A cardigan, is a must-have in any modern women’s wardrobe! It is practical, convenient and very current. Cardigan is a sweater with buttons and deep V neckline, woven or knitted fabric, this is a perfect replacement in less office outfits, casual example. Ancestor cardigan vest seems to be male, and roots come from the army’s appearance General James Brudenell (officer in the British Army who commanded the Light Brigade during the Crimean War) who worn a similar pattern blouse in military clothes, to warm up better.

Like an impeccably tailored jacket, a quality cardigan should not miss from your wardrobe. It can be an ideal clothing solution that complements an elegant and contemporary look. Although over time the designers have reinterpreted it in so many ways, the cardigan has not lost its classic charm and utility, it works equally well both for women and men. Nevertheless it is used prevalent by women.

A cardigan can be a great option if you want an outfit with several outfits superimposed. A dress or a skirt and a shirt can be paired with a thin cardigan cashmere.
Works perfect in combo with jeans. For a casual outfit, wearing a matching cardigan with jeans and a shirt with lace applications with a shirt or flowering. The look can be completed by a pair of boots and a necklace.

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cardigan for women 2015-2016

Modern and comfortable cardigan withstood the test of time and remains a reference piece in the history of fashion.

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