Business casual is a way of dressing and it means dressing professionally but looking relaxed in the same time. The interpretation of business casual often differs among organizations. Business casual is a new option offered by designers for women whose professional activity is very important and that will look good in any circumstance. As the name suggests, is a combination of business casual elegant articles, business and those that can be worn everyday (casual).
Here are some piece of outfits and clothing combinations which I hope to inspire you for a perfect casual business attire:

Little black dress 2015-2016
Little black dress – simple is always better and it is suitable for all occasions. Well, this time you can wear at the office, if you choose the right way. Try a midi dress, possibly three quarters sleeve, and of course a decent cleavage. You can accessorize with a colored belt or you can wear it like that.

cardigan 2015-2016
Sweater or cardigan – Another element that successfully enroll in business casual style is a sweater or a cardigan. Regardless of where you work, you can wear it with confidence, in different combinations – with trousers or skirts. Imagination is the only element that you need.

ladies blazer 2015-2016
Blazer – Because you also need something to keep your cold, so we recommend a jacket at the boundary between the office and casual style. Colored buttons will cheer your outfit and straight lines will give that air of seriousness that you want.

white shirt 2015-2016
White shirt – This can be worn in many ways – you can combine it with skirts, pants or blazer. It fits with success in business casual attire, and this is the reason we highly recommend you.

Another important issue is to avoid a few things which can ruin your business casual image: too much make-up, metallic colors, tons of jewelry, wild patterns, much too sexy clothes, all kind of shiny accessories.

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