Boyfriend jeans are very interesting and much loved by every fashion addict woman. Designed to give you a very relaxed look, they are not too sophisticated at all and they make you look as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans of course. This type of jeans characterizes the women who want a very casual look.

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These jeans are extraordinarily comfortable, they are practically embracing your body and sometimes they are ripped and your skin can breathe.
If you are very tall it is OK, you can wear boyfriend’s jeans as you please, they will make you look cool, but if you are shorter, you can roll them above the ankle. It is obvious that these jeans will bring you a slightly masculine look therefore you should try to wear them in combo with some feminine pieces of outfit. You should try to wear them with a pair of high heels and they will get you out of the crowd, for sure.
You can get a more sophisticated look if you match them with a blazer plus an elegant and delicate blouse. Also, you can wear this combo with a pair of stilettos.
This type of jeans is very cool and if we add a proper attitude, you will get a sensational look.

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